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Sindri Myr was an Alpha Legion Chaos Sorcerer. Sindri was Lord Bale's adviser and resident expert on warp craft. His tactics were subtle and his rhetoric manipulative and shrewd. He was an expert at seeming harmless and getting others to do the footwork for him. When an Imperial Excavation Team uncovers a Chaos Marker on the Planet Tartarus that leads to a powerful Chaos artifact, Sindri puts a scheme into motion to possess the powerful relic.


Sindri's weapon, the Bedlam Staff, is bestowed on followers of the Chaos God Tzeentch.

When Sindri transforms a Chaos Aspiring Champion into a Bloodthirster, he yells "Blood for the Blood God!" That phrase, and Bloodthirsters, are indicative of the Chaos God Khorne, who is known to hate sorcerers.

Sindri Myr Quotes:

  • "All power demands sacrifice and pain. The universe rewards those willing to spill their life's blood for the promise of power."
  • "Lord Bale was likewise foolish in believing me defenseless. Believing himself in control."
  • "Orks are not unpredictable. Quite the contrary, you can rely on them to turn against you. But they will honor our agreement as long as we provide them with enemies to satiate their battlelust."

  • Lord Bale: Excellent , prepare for what is to come and dispose of this idiot.
  • Chaos Cultist: Why? How have I failed!?
  • Sindri: You were stupid enough to personally deliver ill news to Lord Bale and we cannot abide stupidity.

  • Lord Bale: No, but if you fail me in this...
  • Sindri: Yes, yes then my suffering will be great. Just be ready to move when I instruct.

Voice Actor:

Scott McNeil

Chaos on Tartarus (Spoilers Below)

Ambitious Diversion

When a Chaos marker is found by an Imperial Excavation Team on the Planet Tartarus, news spreads to the Chaos Space Marines’ Alpha Legion. The marker is a Chaos alter that points the way to an ancient Chaos artifact, the Maledictu m.

Sindri convinces Lord Bale, a Chaos Lord of the Alpha Legion, that a frontal assault is not the most expedient route to attaining the Maledictum.  Not only was Tartarus an Imperial planet defended by the Imperial Guard, but the presence of Chaos would surely draw the attention of the Loyalist Space Marines. This could not only delay victory, but also destroy the Chaos Markers and therefore any chance of retrieving the Maledictum.

Lord Bale agrees to use an Ork invasion to keep Imperial Forces occupied, and allow the Alpha Legion to work in secrecy. Sindri promises the Ork Warboss, Orkamungus, the opportunity to fight the Imperium's greatest warriors, the Space Marines. Orks thrive on Warfare and live to fight the strongest that the universe has to offer. As predicted, when Orkamungus launched his Ork Waagh the Space Marines sent in the Blood Ravens 3rd Company under the command of Gabriel Angelos. The symphony of conflict had begun, and Sindri was the silent conductor.

To Sindri, everyone was predictable:

The Orks would fight the greatest opponent. As long as the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard fought back, the Orks would continue to attack. As long as they fought long enough for Sindri to obtain the Maledictum, the victor of the fight was irrelevant. Sindri knew that the Orks would not remain neutral to the Alpha Legion. If they were able to finish off the Imperial Forces, then would turn on the Chaos Marines, but then it would be too late. The Maledictum would be in Chaos hands.

Space Marines
The Space Marines would never let the Orks take the planet. If they had to sacrifice every living thing on the planet to destroy the Orks, they would. Sindri made sure that the Orks had enough supplies and weapons to continuously fight the Imperial armies. The Orks would do an ample job of keeping the Space Marines busy, and hide the presence of Chaos. That is, until Chaos made its presence known. Once Captain Angelos knew of the forces of Chaos, Sindri knew that the Force Commander would tenaciously seek out and destroy all things Chaos.

The Eldar
The Eldar forces were meager on the Planet Tartarus. They would have to work in secret much like the Alpha Legion. Sindri knew that the Eldar would try to stop anyone from attaining the Chaos artifact. Sindri made sure that the Space Marines was always at the forefront of the search for the Maledictum. The Eldar would undoubtedly try to stop the Space Marines. Which is what the Chaos Sorcerer wanted.

Lord Bale
Lord Bale's arrogance kept him blind to the subtleties of Sindri's scheme. The fool thought that Sindri was defenseless and dependent on the Chaos Lord. Lord Bale was powerful and vile, but he allowed himself to blinded by his own ambition. As events on Tartarus played itself out Lord Bale deferred more and more decisions to Sindri. Sindri assured Lord Bale that things were going to plan at every turn, which of course was true. However, Lord Bale didn’t know what the plan really was. Sindri was to possess the Maledictum, not Lord bale.

Brother Librarian Isador Akios
Finally, the Librarian of the Blood Ravens 3rd Company, Isador Akios, was also predictable. His zeal towards destroying the forces of Chaos could easily be warped if the right temptation were to present itself. Isador respected knowledge. The knowledge that could be gained by studying Chaos artifacts was too tantalizing to pass up. Sindri whispered lies into the Blood Ravens Librarian’s mind. He created distrust in Isador’s heart, and made Isador believe that Gabriel’s close minded attitude would rob the Imperium of the greatest weapon against Chaos, the Maledictum.

The Sacrifice

In order to unlock the Maledictum's power, it needed deaths. It seems that the quantity of deaths isn't enough. The quality of deaths was also a factor. Sindri, was the sole owner of this knowledge during the conflict on Tartarus. Sindri knew that power required sacrifice. He brought together several armies to ensure a substantial death toll. He also brought forth exquisitely important sacrifices to sate the Maledictum's thirst for death. Sindri couldn’t be bothered to kill everyone himself. Thousands of Orks, squads of Eldar, Orkamungus, Lord Bale, and Isador Akios would all meet their end by the sword of Captain Gabriel Angelos.

The Final Deceipt

Unfortunately, the Maledictum proved too clever. Sindri was never intended to wield the power of the Chaos Relic. Sindri himself was tempted by the Maledictum. Even though the Sorcerer was granted the rank, powers, and form of a Demon Prince, the Maledictum offered Sindri as the last sacrifice. Sindri was felled by Gabriel Angelos wielding the mighty Daemonhammer: Godsplitter.

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