Anyone know how to get through the minefield without getting hit?

#1 Posted by Kaineda77 (151 posts) -

Hej Duders,

I am playing the arcade mode and can't get through the minefield without getting hit 2-3 times which is enough not to make it any further. Any suggestions?

#2 Posted by Ketonic (19 posts) -

It's not foolproof (I get hit once about half the time), but I essentially do what this guy does:

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At 3:45, after destroying the two mines which are very close to each other, I fly up. I cut down into the mines, shooting the ones in front of me, then move up and to the right until the mines behind me have exploded after following me for a little while. I go to the right side of the screen as soon as I see the edge of the minefield.

#3 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1795 posts) -

@Kaineda77: I usually just start at the left side and shoot as many as possible, then circle them and move down while still shooting. It seems to work because the mines above you will usually blow up before they get to you

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