Sine Mora developer responds to fans.

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"Reiker" of the Sine Mora development team continues to communicate with genre fans in this thread.(If you're into shoot 'em ups have questions or requests concerning the game, that thread is basically the place to post them.)

From his latest post (I will only mention what I deem significant, so if you want to read everything he says you'll have to actually go read the thread):

  • If the game sells well there might be free updates and/or DLC adding such things as a two-player mode.
  • Enemy health bars will be optional in the final version.
  • The game has a complex rank system similar to Battle Garegga's.
  • A PC version is planned for release some time after the console versions.
  • The ship's hitbox will probably be shown at the select screen in the final version.
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From his latest post: 

All the videos / screens released so far originate from approximately 1.5 stages. The game has 7 stages + a prologue ("0.5" stage). 1CC time is around 80-90 minutes, so it's pretty long.

That is really long. Far too long, if you ask me. I wonder if it's to avoid complaints about value for money from casual players that will credit feed through the game once and then never play it again. 
EDIT: From a new post: 

If you skip all the cutscenes, the 1CC time is somewhere around 50-55 minutes. 

That's still long, but at least a bit more reasonable.
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1 hour to complete a shmup? Gonna be a beast to get through then :|

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