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O Fortuna: (an old Latin poem, translated.)

O Fortune,


as the moon,

always dost thou

wax and wane.

Detestable life,

first dost thou mistreat us,

and then, whimsically,

thou heedest our desires.

As the sun melts the ice,

so dost thou dissolve

both poverty and power.


and empty fate,

thou, turning wheel,

art mean,


good health at thy will.


in obscurity,

thou dost attack

me also.

To thy cruel pleasure

I bare my back.

Thou dost withdraw

my health and virtue;

thou dost threaten

my emotion

and weakness

with torture.

At this hour,

therefore, let us

pluck the strings without


Let us mourn together,

for fate crushes the brave.

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#2 Posted by Aegon (7204 posts) -

Yeah, that poem's about how much it sucks to get old. 

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#3 Posted by Justin258 (14121 posts) -

Something tells me this Sine Mora game is either really deep or really stupid. Either way it seems a bit pretentious for a side scrolling bullet hell ish shooter.

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#4 Posted by Irvandus (3170 posts) -

@believer258: It kind of is, but I love it for it. I realy love bullet hell games but I just can't get into them because I need some kind of story or setting hook. That's why I wasted too much time playing Jamestown and why I'll waste too much time playing this. Also I like planes. Spaceships, witches, other Japanese things don't fill in the same place in my heart.

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