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My Review of Singularity

 first of Singularity is an FPS with a time bending gimmick that plays a very heavy role in the game. It also heavily reminds me of Half-Life Bioshock and Dead Space.

So let's get this started.

First off the story

i would give it an  8/10 it is pretty deep and it really gripped me. Basically you are Soldier who gets EMP'd out of a helicopter onto an abandoned Russian facility and that is where the magic begins. it starts you out in a creepy ass area with these mutant creatures. and things basically escalate when you are picked up by an organization trying to shut down the facility. i'm going to stop here because of spoilers

Next are the graphics

I give them a  7/10 don't get me wrong they are really pretty..... when all of the textures are loaded yes there are some texture issues that get pretty annoying but it really isn't all that bad. Everything is nice and shiny and the gore isn't half bad either.

Alright time for the sound

Heh i give the game a  9/10 for the sound. The bullet sounds and small things like that are not the greatest i have heard. but i installed my new 5.1 speakers right before playing and hearing the creepy shit coming from behind me and all around me. was way to cool and it really immersed me into the entire atmosphere of the game.

Alright game play time

I was really surprised here.  9/10 the gun play feels extremely solid and refined and the time bending aspect is integrated seamlessly into the game. trust me nothing is more satisfying then dropping a time slowing sphere going into it. head shotting a group of dudes taking down the sphere and watching them all collapse trust me guys. its awesome. 

So my final score is  8.5/10 trust me guys this game is really fun. and the story is excellent you aren't going to want to stop playing it.

if you made it all the way through. please tell me what you think 

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Posted by lawlerballer

made it about halfway through and got tired of it, boring mediocre fps 

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