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The Definition of Unrealised Potential 21

 I'm gonna preface my review with a little analogy to help get my point across. You know when you were sat in class at school, maybe 7 or 8 years old. Your teacher tells you that you have to write a short story, and out of nowhere you get this fantastic idea. You quickly form a somewhat coherent story around it, and get to writing. Now, if you were to read that again today, that story that you thought was so clever at the time, not only would you wonder what the heck’s happened to your handwriti...

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Singularity Review 0

All too often these days, a game that takes a proven game formula and goes out on a limb by injecting some new mechanics, gets labelled a gimmick game when it fails. A gimmick is generally a marketing tool used to draw in a sale, while not adding anything useful to the product. By that definition Singularity is most certainly not a gimmick game. What it is, is a game that blends an intriguing story with solid shooting, and seamlessly integrates an intelligent time manipulation mechanic.Singulari...

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Raven's Latest is (mostly) a hit 0

Singularity marks a departure for Raven Software, the team behind the recent Wolfenstein reboot, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. The studio finally has a chance to work on an original property and the result is a game that borrows stylistic elements from their previous sci-fi laden shooter and relies on the team’s pedigree for crafting solid mechanics. The game begins as Nathaniel Renko, member of an American military outfit, is on a reconnaissance mission over the Soviet...

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Solid FPS from Raven 1

My first impression of this game, when it was unveiled, was it looked to be just another Quake 4 or Wolfenstein–but after playing for a few hours I was pleased to realize that it was a bit more. The game itself plays a lot like traditional shooters, but utilizes some pretty interesting mechanics that make the game play stand out a lot more. Think Bioshock meets Doom and FEAR, well sort of...  The game uses the Unreal Engine so it looks a tad dated, but personally I like graphics because everythi...

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A Far From Singular FPS 2

     Why do spouses cheat on each other? Because there's nothing fun about the same ol' thing, and that rule holds true throughout the single player campaign of Singularity. But I'm getting ahead of myself, first some story. Singularity starts off with some extremely general background on the Cold War and quickly plops you into the shoes of an Air Force pilot named Nate in a helicopter off the coast of an island near Russia. After a mysterious explosion of light grounds your helicopter, you quic...

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There is undeniable great fun to be had in Singularity 0

  Singularity is, at its core, an old school shooter; but it’s also more than that. There’s an aura of survival horror around this game almost from beginning to end, and then there’s also the presence of some modern puzzle game components. These riddles are actually quite basic and very easy to get around, but they do serve a purpose, which is, in my opinion, to slow down the action rhythm and to make the player more aware of the surroundings and more involved in the story. After all, this is a ...

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Everything-arity 0

Let me give you an idea of what Singularity is like, it plays like Modern Warfare, from some of the weapons down to the speed of aiming down your sights, it feels like Bioshock, eerie, occasionally atmospheric and it’s just a bit heavy with the 1950’s vibe... when it’s in the 1950’s and it has overarching vibe of Dead Space, the monsters, the upgrade system. That’s not to say Singularity is a poor game, these are the guys who were responsible for 2009’s Wolfenstein so just take that into conside...

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Singularity: How the Space-Time Continuum got her Groove Back! 0

 Singularity: How the Time-Space Continuum got her Groove Back!  "Excuse me, sir, are you related to Nathan Drake?" It would be easy to dismiss Singularity, Raven Soft’s first new IP since 2000’s Soldier of Fortune, as a derivative and forgettable entry into the crowded FPS space, but that would be a real disservice to the actual enjoyment the game provides. Clearly influenced by Bioshock and Half-Life 2, Singularity is also in many ways a throwback to the way shooters were a decade ago. At time...

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I Like Games Review: Singularity 0

      Video Review: recommend this game if you own or Power Glove, or....think Power Gloves suck.   Singularity is one of those games that takes me by surprise. I did not expect to enjoy this game as much as I did, and sadly, that is partly because the marketing effort was completely absent. Thankfully, I didn't pass up the chance to try this game out, because it lived up to my simple hope of being decent, but also gave me a whole lot more.  Singu...

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twist story telling 0

Well,what I said twist is not a negative estimate.The story telling in this game is really quite good,remind me the movie "butterfly effect" and they just got point,"what you did in the past will effect all the things at present.The graphics is a little bit dated,but it's still acceptable.Multiplayer game is good,but I don't really play it,just spent about several minutes in it....

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What Bioshock 2 should have been! 0

Time manipulation, crazy futuristic guns, the Russians and the Unreal Engine 3.  Doesnt seem like anything new and innovative; however once you pick up the controller it is hard to put Singularity down.  The game starts with a recon mission gone bad, an explosion causes your helicopter to crash on an abandoned island where strange time anomalies are a common place.  Singularity's has excellent pacing, every few minutes either a new event unfolds or you get an extra weapon or an upgrade that you ...

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A great combination of established ideas. 0

 For the last year or so, every FPS I have played has felt the same, publishers admired the success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and told their developers to emulate. Same old modern setting, same old linear levels, same old serious business attitude, same old everything. I have had enough of playing as a heroic marine in the present. Thankfully, Singularity came along, a game which feels like a breath of fresh air, something that is different with a good alternate atmosphere and narr...

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Singularity Review 0

By - Craig H.Singularity is a new IP from Raven Software, the studio behind the new Wolfenstein and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Singularity is a science fiction first person shooter (FPS) that was originally scheduled for release in late 2009.Raven Software used the extra development time to their advantage and was able to deliver a solid FPS with an intriguing story and entertaining gameplay.In Singularity players take the role of a black ops soldier, Captain Nate Renko, to investigate a large el...

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My Review of Singularity 1

 first of Singularity is an FPS with a time bending gimmick that plays a very heavy role in the game. It also heavily reminds me of Half-Life Bioshock and Dead Space.So let's get this started.First off the storyi would give it an  8/10 it is pretty deep and it really gripped me. Basically you are Soldier who gets EMP'd out of a helicopter onto an abandoned Russian facility and that is where the magic begins. it starts you out in a creepy ass area with these mutant creatures. and things basically...

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Singularity: the non-articulated short review 0

Singularity review: Articulated (or non-articulated, if you will) in as few words as possible so I can at least meet the criteria for the review page=  Russia Half Life 2 Grav. Gun Time Travel Nolan North Bioshock-ish  Interesting Story (see Bioshock-ish) Good Ending  Overall, I liked it!...

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An Unknown Gem 0

Singularity is a lot like other games you've played recently. At the same time, Singularity is nothing like anything  you've played before. And it might be one of the best games you play this year. Coming from Raven Software, most known for their recent work on the latest incarnation of the Wolfenstein series,  Singularity is a story heavy first-person shooter that knows exactly what atmosphere it wants to create and persistently  does so throughout the single player storyline's moderately l...

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Combine Half Life and Bioshock and out comes Singularity. 0

What happens when you take Modern Warfare controls and speed and throw it into the Half Life puzzle physics/scheme and tell a story with the nuance Bioshock? You get Singularity, a time bending, puzzle solving shooter that has you playing with physics, shooting time mutated enemies and running with fun customizable weaponry.    As the main character your find yourself on the island of Katorga-12 investigating a radiation explosion. You quickly find yourself thrown into a world where things have ...

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Time for a change 0

Bioshock (and System Shock 2 before it) was critically acclaimed for many reasons, chief among them being the incredible story it told, and the way it told it. In an effort to avoid tired expository cut-scenes after every half-hour of play, it instead opted to have the story unfold naturally around you. Abandoned, rusty environments told tales of Rapture’s ultimate fate and the numerous audio logs brought to life the human struggles and deceptions that led to it. It was nothing short of breathta...

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In Soviet Russia, time reverses YOU! 0

I'm sorry for the blatant Smirnoff Yakov joke, but you get the jist...      *Spoilers* He dies. I'm talking about Singularity. The Russian action horror game that delves into even more sci-fi with TIME TRAVEL! It is a mediocre shooter with a nice spin in the mechanics department.Let me just start with the story. You play as Cap. Nathanial Renko, an American military man sent to the Russian research and development island Katorga-12. That's Kah-tor-guh twelve, for people who need some help readin...

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below average 0

(I reviewed the PC version but somehow got 360 version? wtf giantbomb) The gameplay isn't exactly groundbreaking, and the graphics aren't that great either. The combat gets tiresome after a while, and the homages the game creates, to titles such as Bioshock, Timeshift, and others, fall flat. Not to mention the story was absolutely retarded and the music was absolutely forgettable, you should probably just bargin bin this game, or rent it on a weekend.  Not worth full price, unless you hate yours...

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Why Did They Let It Die? 1

 Activision's latest attempt to kill a game (who can get the logic behind that nonsense?) is from Raven, the group behind the awesome Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 game and the really good X-Men Legends games. And it involves time manipulation, which is one of my all-time favorite game mechanics (heck, I LOVED Timeshift, and nobody else can really make that claim). So, why did Activision try and kill this game?It's still a bit baffling as Singularity is actually a pretty decent game. You def...

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Below Average 0

 The gameplay isn't exactly groundbreaking, and the graphics aren't that great either. The combat gets tiresome after a while, and the homages the game creates, to titles such as Bioshock, Timeshift, and others, fall flat. Not to mention the story was absolutely retarded and the music was absolutely forgettable, you should probably just bargin bin this game, or rent it on a weekend.  Not worth full price, unless you hate yourself or you've never played the better, also mediocre games that S...

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Almost Brilliant 0

Great art, good shooting, fun special abilities and weapons, and a smart powers-upgrade system that almost precisely nails the increase in destruction you'll need as the bad guys grow in strength and number. It's got a solid story that engages but doesn't lecture (too much), and uses all the best tropes and mechanics of similar games and adds in some new ones that feel right at home in this weird wasteland. Everything was clicking for the team that made this, and the game reflects that happy ach...

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Decent overall 0

Starts out like a horror game focusing on sneaky pistol and melee action. Then it becomes totally submersed in the whole time aspect and the Time-Manipulating Device that grants the player force-like powers. This felt strange in the same way that Avatar did when it suddenly completely switched focus from the military base and personnel into the whole Avatar thing. From that point on, I started to lose interest.  The art style, music, and general atmosphere is overall great. For more detail o...

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Singularity is an enjoyable game that isn't without it's faults 0

Singularity is the most recent first person shooter to come for Raven Software, and their experience in genre really shows. That said, even though Singularity tries to bring in some unique elements in terms of gameplay and story, it never quite hits the mark.Katorga-12 is all but abandonedThe game starts off with the player as Captain Nathaniel Renko a member of a team of U.S. black ops soldiers sent to investigate strange signals detected on the abandoned Russian island of Katorga-12. Things go...

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A Timey Wimey Adventure 0

Singularity is by definition; a game that should not be good. It borrows almost every idea, gameplay mechanic, and basic structure from other games. It places you in very simple situations that require you to use the games time mechanics  in very contrived ways. It also has the same very basic shooting mechanics of nearly every other first person shooter. Yet somehow, even With all these things stacked against it, Singularity manages to be a fun time tripping adventure.  Singularity takes place ...

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Goods = Delivered 0

One might imagine, or at least be forgiven for thinking, that Raven have a thing about mad scientists and experimental labs. If little else, they certainly like to keep remaking the same game. Since the very first Wolfenstein they were invited to work on, they've fiddled about with the nefarious Strogg (Quake 4), put poor old BJ through the wringer time after time at the hands of those pesky genocidal, occultist Nazis (Wolfenstein) and now here we are again, with another mad caper around ...

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A Singularly Average Endeavor 0

Raven Software is allowing gamers to rack up a sizable body count.  After the run and gun strafing Wolfenstein, Raven Software has decided to tackle a new breed of endless grunts on the receiving end of a variety of clever weapons: Soviet Russians.  Add in time travel, and how does Singularity fare?  Let’s find out. Developer: Raven Software Publisher: Activision Blizzard Genre: First person shooter Consoles: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 The verdict: This ho-hum shooter may be entertaining but it ...

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Not so Singularity 0

I love this game its something to get your mind of, After playing call of duty this game is a fresh breath of air the story is nice, and the guns are better one of them lets you control the bullet, its what Wanted should have been lol but never the less  this is a nice game to play, the multy-player is a good addition but will only grab your attention for some time over all its a rent  ...

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Almost a good idea... 0

I got singularity two because it looked like a fun little shooter and I had the extra money... well I'm 50$ lighter and not so happy about it. It had some good mechanics... had they been used right it would have been a fun game. Now I say this alot, but it reminds me too much of modern warfare. The gunplay is poor, very poor and the AI acts like its been smashing its head away against a wall since the game loaded up, the sounds are weak and the enemy variety is weaker, puzzles are easy or nonexi...

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Amazing! 0

  Awesome! Filled with more new ideas then any FPS in years. Playing with time is so much fun. The Multiplayer is also amazing. Also, Nolan North!! Buy it!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ...

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The FPS pool is a little too deep for this BioShock knockoff. 0

Playing through Raven’s time-manipulating, quasi-first person shooter was an entirely muddled but enjoyable experience. An odd combination, sure, but genuinely accurate. While it provides a widely convincing narrative and thickening plot, the whole “playing of the game”-part felt a little off at times. This is mainly because Singularity, while at times being lots of fun, takes too many gameplay conventions from past first person shooters—basically, it never feels especially unique. As an entirel...

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Satisfyingly Classic FPS Action, Stymied Somewhat by Failed Attempts to Be Modern 0

Singularity is a pretty basic "Half Life 2 With a Gimmick" game, but done better than most. The end result is a bunch of cheap setpieces haphazardly tied together by a throwaway the plot about evil scientist nonsense (but they have audio logs as if there are layers to peel back). The time manipulation gimmick is roughly comparable in depth-- or lack thereof-- to Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth. Point at a thing, press the magic button, and that's it. There are upgrade mechanics, but it's very poi...

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Solid effort 0

Raven has learned how to make solid shooters, and have had a lot of good experience in making some great games. SIngularity is no exception, and is a fun story to get into to blow some shit up.    The story is pretty simple, and it entertains for the 7 or so hours the game runs for. The ending was pretty lame, and didnt pack much of a punch at all.  I liked the characters, though they were few, the doctor was a pretty cool dude, and the voice acting for him and the other characters were spot ...

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BioShock in SOVIET RUSSIA?! Actually a good idea! 0

Singularity starts somewhat oddly, seeming like a very hum-drum run-of-the-mill first person shooter, using a similar (if not the same) engine from BioShock. The game starts out with a "routine" fly-in of a huge island, with reports that odd happenings that have been showing some serious.... well, science-readings of some sort. You and Nolan North are stoking each other up about the odd reconnaissance mission you've both been sent on, setting up a little exposition to why you are headed there. Y...

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