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The demo was a bit of a mixed bag for this game, I'd say.

I was a disappointed to see that the entire demo was set in darkness.  I have a hard time with this.  Not because I am scared of the dark, but because I like to be able to see where I am going, and admire the scenery.  A game that did "dark" well was Bioshock, because it was just bright enough to enjoy everything, and especially admire everything around you.  But with Siren, I found that it was too dark to find objects (In the demo at least), like when you are stumbling around trying to find a gun.  Part of this was due to the cheap flashlight, the other part being the odd controls.  They feel like you are constantly strafing, do they not?  It's weird, I might need to play it again to figure out what's off about it, but they certainly seem clunky to me.

However, most of what I stated is the bad part of the demo.  I watched the trailer for Siren on the PSN store, and it clearly showed a few daylight "outside" shots.  I really hope there is a good balance - at least 60/40 Dark/Light, because I can understand that some horror game fans are craving for the darkness (Whoa, did not mean to promote that horrible game - another that does everything wrong).

it may be crazy to go this deep into reviewing a demo, but I think it's fair (Play the Elefunk demo for an example why you should not impulse buy on PSN) for a smaller game like this one.  I do like the voice acting in this one.  This will be the first (i'm pretty sure) game on PSN to even feature scripted voice acting (Pain has a lot of yelping, and some funny things like they guy saying "OH Oh oh oh" and "Yeahhh Boyeeee!"), and from what I've heard so far, it's pretty decent.


From what I've personally experienced, I think the positives outweigh the negatives.  I am not completely sure if this is episodic, or how they are doing it, but i'm gonna go ahead and say DAY ONE BUY :D.

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I think that I'm going to get it day one, but not the whole game, just the first pack of episodes to just make sure I like it enough for the full purchase because they are releasing it in episodic packs. You can buy the packs separately for $14.99 each and  they come with 4 chapters each or you can buy the whole game for $39.99. From
I thought the camera was bad but I did eventually get used to it. I agree with you on how dark it was.. could not see where i was going sometimes, but i guess its the theme of the game for that scare effect. Only thing bad about that is you can't really aim your flashlight,  but I agree that the positives do outweigh the negatives for this game and I'm definitely going to give it a look day one. Can't wait for July 24th.

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I'm getting it day one. But I don't think you've got your pricing quite right theMAINEevent - I've been hearing each chapter will be £4.99 and all four for £19.99 here in the UK. I doubt yours would be so expensive seeing as the US is known for getting everything cheap? Unless they've increased the prices anyway.

The game is very dark and I was reading the other day that the rest of the game will follow suite. Apparently the zombie things in the game are attracted to your flashlights so at points in the game you will have to turn the flashlight off and just walk unguided.

I found the camera a bit tight but that was my only criticism. It looks like it's gonna be good fun and a cheap way of passing away a good few hours.

Here's a review of the first episode.


Then again $40 does pretty much equal £20 here so I'm sure that is correct.

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get2sammyb said:
"I found the camera a bit tight but that was my only criticism. It looks like it's gonna be good fun and a cheap way of passing away a good few hours."

I noticed (And forgot to mention) that you can mess around with the game settings (Even in the demo) to change the brightness slightly, as well as (I believe) change the camera placement...  At the moment, I am going to wait for the full game to play it again, rather than overexert myself with the demo.

Glad to hear you guys' opinions on it though, let me know what you think after you buy the game.  I'll post a review on Giant Bomb later on (If I decide to get the entire game and playthrough it), hope you guys do.
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It's up on the UK Playstation Store now. :)

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I stopped reading when you disrespected The Darkness.

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I checked out the demo. I suppose it would have looked good but the whole things was way too dark. And the movement was a bit clunky.  I like horror but I like to see what I am doing too. Maybe old CRTs and Plasmas do better but I have a pretty good LCD and the game is near impossible to see. So even though it looked like it had some good atmosphere and style, I could not even play it.

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