Is this game still worth picking up?

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I remember Patrick saying a ton of good stuff about this game on the last few podcasts as well as the Silent Hill quicklook. As my Silent Hill run comes to a close I'm looking for another scary game to tackle and wonder if this is worth the money. Of course its STILL $40 on PSN but any opinions would help.  Thank you everyone

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Can't you buy the game in chunks so it not as big a up front investment. I believe there is a demo as well.

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@ImmortalSaiyan: Yes to both. I saw the demo right after I posted this which makes this thread a bit pointless. However, its better to play straight up $40 because if you buy in chunks it ends up a bit more expensive.
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I remember playing the demo when it first came out and thinking it wasn't bad. I always meant to get to it, just either didn't have the time or money (or both lol) and never got around to it.

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Nah, it's not a particularly good game. The sightjack mechanic is interesting but that's about the only thing that makes it stand out. It's not very scary either. 
If it were $20 I'd say go for it, but at its current price I wouldn't recommend it.

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If you're a real hardcore fan of the horror genre, it's maybe worth picking up in a sale because it does have some interesting mechanics and sorta inspiring art and design direction. Other than that, No.

The story is incomprehensible garbage. The characters are unsympathetic shitheads. It tries to weave a tale about a group helpless characters in a desperate situation but it utterly fails at that because you'll feel absolutely nothing for them and the storytelling jumps around randomly between chapters it makes it hard to keep up with the events. I really hate to bash horror games because we have so few of them this gen but I simply can't excuse the numerous flaws of this game.

Positively speaking, the Shibito designs were fantastic and it did a lot of nice things with atmosphere.

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