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Siren: Blood Curse 0

The original Forbidden Siren was released on the Playstation 2 in 2003; however, Siren never truly achieved a mainstream fanbase in North America, but has achieved a cult status in the genre of Survival- Horror. Now, in 2008, Siren: Blood Curse brings new light to the franchise with new graphics, fantastic gameplay, and a story that will resonate in my mind for as long as I play games.The story begins with an American documentary crew filming Hanuda Village, a Japanese village that supposedly di...

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Siren's atmosphere and unique enemies make it a worthwhile game. 0

Four years ago Sony released a horror title called Siren, which didn't sell very well outside of Japan. Critics bashed the game for it's bad controls, tedious trial-and-error gameplay, and really, it is the sort of game that only the Japanese could appreciate. But it was praised for it's unique "sight-jacking" ability, which let's the player see through the eyes of the enemies, and an intense and scary atmosphere.Siren: Blood Curse is a "re-imagining" of, or rather, an attempt to Westernise the ...

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Siren isn't scary enough to hide its faults 0

When survival horror games were first introduced, many of us were too terrified of zombie dogs and shuffling zombies to pay attention to tank-like controls and horrible camera angles. As time passed on and gamers became desensitized, it fell upon horror game developers to create more eerie and oppressive settings to counteract archaic design decisions. Even though games like Resident Evil and Dead Space have chosen to evolve with current times, Siren: Blood Curse instead opts to faithfully embra...

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The Game we have all been waiting for, is already out!? 0

For a long time gamers have been looking for a good survival horror game on the PlayStation 3.We waited in anticipation for the new Resident evil game, and were disappointed. Don't get me wrong, Resident Evil 5 was a good game, but not the survival horror game we were looking for. Would it surprise you to know that the survival horror game  we were  looking for had come out more then 2 years ago?! Not just any horror game too! But the best one made to date!  Siren Blood Curse ( Siren New Transla...

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Siren:Blood Curse - the better Silent Hill 0

Siren:Blood Curse is an old school survival horror game and features horrible controls, an atrocious camera and a perplexing story. But unlike other genres this actually helps to set the mood in this game, because you sometimes feel very helpless.The story of Siren:Blood Curse revolves around an American TV crew, that came to Hanuda village to film footage for their paranormal TV show, and Howard Wright, an American student studying in Japan who came to Hanuda village by accident on a biking tri...

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When you hear the Siren, it might be too late. 0

Siren was first released in PlayStation 2 some years ago and it was very frustrating, and I mean, very, This was a huge turn-off for the game and it eventually made me never finish the game. Then came Siren 2 with all this fixed, now you could choose a game difficulty level and play the game the way you want it. And then Siren: Blood Curse was announced as remake of the first Siren for the PS2. If it is a straigh-up remake I can't say, I haven't played the original for a long time, but I read it...

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Siren Blood Curse is one Scary Game 0

One  thing Siren  Blood  Curse  Captures  the  Feel  of  Fear  when  playing  this  Game ,  I  never  played  such  a  Game  that  Captures  that  so  well  as  Siren  does,  With  the  Great  sounds  and  the  Music  and   the  Feel  of  finding  out  what  is  in  the  Next  Room  that  Amsphere  it  Captures  is  like  no  other  Game  i  have  played  Before  Sony  has  hit  the  Mark  there..  The  Graphics  are  not  the  Best  in  spots  but  over  all  its  Ok.  And  at  times  you  can ...

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Raises the bar for digital distro titles to come 0

Survival Horror has had a rough time of late, Resident Evil 4, as excellent as it was, transitioned to a full fledged action game, with mere moments and flashes of what it used to be. As the series that truly started the sub genre, that was a punch in the gut to those not looking to be a commando with witty one liners.(and so very awesome hair)Especially with Fatal Frames move to the Wii, things were looking grim for current gen survival horror. But these worries have been pushed aside with the ...

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