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The Game we have all been waiting for, is already out!?

For a long time gamers have been looking for a good survival horror game on the PlayStation 3.We waited in anticipation for the new Resident evil game, and were disappointed. Don't get me wrong, Resident Evil 5 was a good game, but not the survival horror game we were looking for. Would it surprise you to know that the survival horror game  we were  looking for had come out more then 2 years ago?! Not just any horror game too! But the best one made to date!
Siren Blood Curse ( Siren New Translation in Japan) is a survival horror game developed by Japanese studios and released on July 13 2008. The game is a retelling of the original title Siren for the PS2.
Story 5/5
The story tells of an American TV crew who venture to Japan to film their new horror TV show. They go to the remote village of Hanuda. Once they arrive they witness a horrible ceremony, a man stabbing women in the village center. The group, along with one of the survivors of the massacre and an American student studying in Japan make their escape. The story goes into much more details later on, and has a very interesting mythology. But with a risk of revealing to much, I wont go any further
Sound 5/5
The game has the best survival horror sound track ever made! It really does a great job of keeping everything very creepy. The Music plays at the perfect moments and does an excellent job of keeping mood.
Control 5/5
The controls in the game work very well. No Problems
Graphics 4/5
 The graphics on the game are very good. The Environments are very well detailed and keeps to the spooky atmosphere of the game. The characters and enemy models are absolutely beautiful. Extreme care and detail went into every single action each character makes. The one small problem with the graphics is how dark everything is. You'll often find yourselves walking into a wall or object placed around the map. 
Replayability 3/5
There is little in the way of replayability. There are a few mini games and files to read but beyond that nothing. If you got this game from the PSN store this is completely forgiven, but if your like me and got the Japanese copy, its a little more disappointing.
Overall- 5/5


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