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Sister was sent by Eulogy Jones to track down and capture the escaped android in The Replicated Man quest. However he decided that he enjoyed living in Rivet City so he has decided to not hunt down the android and live in Rivet City. Sister is involved in the unmarked Slave Hunt quest. Mei Wong is an escaped slave in hiding who thinks that he wants to recapture her but he is done with slavery and he was there for the android anyway.
It is possible to make Sister so angry that he will never talk to the Lone Wanderer again.

Sister is a bad Karma character and killing him gives no bad Karma. 
His SPECIAL stats are: Strength of 6, Perception of 4, Endurance of 4, Charisma of 6, Intelligence of 4, Agility of 6, and a Luck of 5.
His Base ID is 0001e745
His Reference ID is 0001e756

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