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A warrior for hire, Sivir is one of the best mercenaries available in the land of Noxus. Success and proficiency in numerous battles earned her the title of "Battle Mistress of Noxus". She has an unparalleled ability to lead troops in battle and is devastating with her weapon of choice, a massive boomerang blade. The unpractical weapon is enormous and is a 4 sided cross with blades on each side. As a ranged weapon Sivir can hurl it at her opponents and ricochet off them. Her mastery is so high the blade always returns to her after lunging it at her opponents. Sivir is the only one who can wield this weapon.

Sivir's ties to the Noxus Empire were cut when she rejected the idea of invading Ionia. She believed it would turn into a massive conflict that would result in huge losses on both sides. Her prediction came true as the Noxian forces were constantly held back by Ionian troops. Disgusted with the high command of the Noxus Empire, Sivir broke her ties with Noxus and joined the Institute of War. The Noxus Empire has sent many assassins to take her life but have all ended in failure.


StatBase ValueGrowth per Level
Move Speed3100
Spell Block300
Health Regen.85.11
Mana Regen.8.06

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