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Skara Brae in Ultima Online
Skara Brae in Ultima Online
In the worlds of Ultima, the city of Skara Brae represents the virtue of Spirituality and lies off the western coast of Britannia. It was founded after the destruction of Exodus and become home of the Rangers. The city survived both the shadowlords, the rule of Blackthorne, and the dark mage Flain, who built a moat around the city and a tower for himself within the city. But the city was burned to the ground and its inhabitants killed when the mage Horance was possessed by a lich and laid waste to the city and surrounding area. It was't until the Avatar freed Horance from his possession that the city was rebuilt. It was ultimately destroyed in a wave of fire by the Guardian in the last episode of the Ultima saga.

Bard's Tale

Skara Brae is the principal city of the Bard's Tale world. The first game of the trilogy takes place entirely within the walls (and of course, dungeons) of the city, where Mangar The Dark has buried the city in winter snow and filled its streets with evil creatures. By the third game, the entire city has been destroyed by the dark god Tarjan as punishment for the events of the first two games.

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