Skate 3 collector's edition?

#1 Posted by Vinny_Says (5729 posts) -

So I was going to get Skate 3 for $20 (worth it?) but I was wondering if there was a special edition or an edition that comes with the DLC. I love Skate 2 even just playing by myself but Jeff mentioned that Skate 3's singleplayer was stale.
So is Skate 3 worth it, and is the DLC necessary to "improve" the singleplayer?

#2 Posted by Soap (3653 posts) -

If your getting bored of Skate 2 then its worth getting, I don't think that a special edition exists though.

I'm personally a bigger fan of Skate 2 though as like you said, Skate 3's single player is very stale. 

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