jrizzo101's Skate (Xbox 360) review

Skate. An amazing new skating franchise

Skate is a great addition to the plethora of skating games that are available now. The trick system is great, fluid and creates a very easy to play game that takes time to master, but is easy to pick up.The game is also a refreshing release from the Tony Hawk games which are good but they steadily get worse as they come out year after year. If you are into skating games and are unsure about this game you should get it.
The game takes basic skating controls and rebuilds  them. All tricks are done with the right stick and the left and right triggers. It is very simple and creates a natural flow to the game which makes the game very simple to play and beautiful to watch. however, more advanced tricks subsequently are harder, but you can easily learn them after practicing them. In fact one of the achievements is to perform all tricks in the game which is very easy after getting used to the game.
The story of the game is very simple. You start off as a no  name skater and work your way up to a pro. Along the way, you'll earn sponsorships and meet other pros who can teach how to become a better skater. To get to the point of pro you have to complete a series of challenges. The game is open world and you trigger one of the following challenges to gain fame and money: skate contests, photo shoots. filming, races, and pro challenges. As you complete these challenges you build up a meter. When the meter is full you can start a photo shoot for one of two magazines. filling up the Skate bar gets you a photo in the Skate mag the other magazine you can be in is thrasher. Once you make the cover of both mags and complete the x games you finished the game.
There is one problem with this game though. The game is a little too long. It takes a long time to completely finish the game. There are a few too many challenges and some of them get very hard and can be very frustrating. Other wise the game's story is fun and the Freeskating is awesome.
The multiplayer is very good. it's simple all of the games are just the challenges from the story mode made for multiple players. Also you can just Freeskate with a handful of buddies which is very satisfying.  Also, another cool feature is you can watch another player through skate T.V. and see what the best player is doing or just what your friend is up to. Lastly, the skater you use online is the one you use in the story mode.
Skate is a breath of fresh air for skating games and is great overall. The controls are simple, the game is fun, and looks magnificent. I recommend Skate to fans of other skating games or sports games in general.


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