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Ski or Die is winter sports game in which the player may compete on five different events. 
  • Snowboard Half-Pipe, score as much points as possible on a limited amount of time by making backflips, pikes and hand plants.
  • Acro Aerials, ski down a ramp and try to get the highest score by making wicked acrobatic jumps. 
  • Downhill Blitz, as the name tells you, you do downhill skiing in which you can make large jumps and perform stunts.
  • Innertube Trash, two players take place on two innertubes, competing each other a race downhill, to score you have to collect items. 
  • Snowball Blast, First Person snowball fight

You can practice on a single event or take your chances on a tournament. You can also do a Compete All event, where you do a marathon run on all the five events, one after the other. 

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