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Skie Silvershield is the daughter of Duke Entar Silvershield in Baldur's Gate. She is wildly in love with the bard Eldoth Kron, who intends to exploit her to extract a ransom from her father, and if he is in the party, she can be recruited from her home in the northeastern section of Baldur's Gate (if he is not in the party, speaking with her will only attract guards).
She is a thief, but is far from the best one in the game. Her mediocre statistics, whiny, naive personality, as well as the fact that she cannot be recruited until a late stage and requires Eldoth's presence to even be approachable, make her a rather unpopular choice as a party member. Once in the party, she will swoon and sigh over Eldoth, complain about being assigned tasks, and let Garrick serenade her.
 Skie is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

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