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Worth going back to 0

Skies of Arcadia is a game I originally became interested in because I used Vyse and Aika in my squad in Valkyria Chronicles. Thankfully, I was not dissappointed by my interest and curiosity. Skies Of Arcadia: Legends in it's simplest form is your average JRPG. Teenagers fight monsters and the evil of humanity. Only this time they're sky pirates. Skies of Arcadia does a decent job of creating a world for you to explore by creating cities that are not similar to eachother in the slightest. They ...

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Pirates on a Wing. 0

Those dirty pirates. What is it about them that causes us to respect and admire them so? Is it their courageous and admirable traits, their ruthless ability to defy the natural law, or just those bad-ass looking eye patches? Skies of Arcadia: Legends takes every one of those attributes and adds a great deal of character and plot to create an enthralling role-playing experience. However, I cannot say that my first few hours with the game were any indication of how much it would draw me in. T...

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Skies of Arcadia is a lengthy RPG with a nice dose of personality 0

When I started playing Skies of Arcadia, it was the summer of last year. I didn't exactly know what to think of it, the booklet really scared me a bit with the ship battles, pirates, gangs, crew members, etc.. so I eventually stopped playing it and shelved it for a good year. Then about 2 months ago I was tired of reading all the Skies of Arcadia threads and wanted in on that action, so i decided to start it over and finish it without touching another game. I'm glad I did, because over that year...

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Generic and Time Consuming 0

Skies of Arcadia Legends is a port of the Dreamcast’s Skies of Arcadia with enhanced graphics and additional side quests. The game is mediocre, with a forgettable storyline, a cast of one-dimensional characters and has a broken item system. The game’s high points are the cinematic air battles and the traversable 3D environment, but everything else about the game is as generic as JRPGs get. Skies of Arcadia Legends is only recommended for fans of the genre. You play as Vyse, a young Blue Pirate r...

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