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Skreech is one of the two birdmen who join the force in Shining Force II. As a baby Skreech falls off a cliff in front of his home city of Bedoe and Bowie catches him, saving his life. Skreech remembers this act and remains grateful. Later on in the game in the town of Tristan, the force meets up with an adult Skreech and he asks to join the force to show his thanks.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Both Skreech and Luke share similar strengths and weaknesses. He falls behind other members of the force in durability and strength but makes up for this somewhat with his ability to fly. His mobility allows Skreech to be a good "hit and run" style character but can also leave him vulnerable if he strays too far from the majority of the Shining Force.


Pre-Promotion: NONE

Post-Promotion: Bird Battler (BDBT)

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