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I'm wondering who here on GB plays Skullgirls or is looking to get back into it? I bought it day one and remember having a lot of fun mashing with friends but I never really got that deep into it. Recently with all the hype around the SG indiegogo it made me want to go back, and so far I'm having a blast messing around and uncovering new things I never realized about it before. It's amazing just how creative you can be in tailoring your own play style.

So I thought anyone who plays SG or is interested in looking back into it can leave their info and I can post it here. Now SG still doesn't have lobbies but they will be patched in eventually. I play on PSN and can make a chat room where people can meet up and set stuff up. I will switch to the PC version when it comes out as it looks like that will be the one to get all updates first. At least until console stuff catches up. Plus I'm getting it as part of the indiegogo thing anyway.

All are welcome and don't be afraid of your skill level. I hope to get friendly GB SG community together to have fun and help each other level up.

GB IDGame IDLocation
MikeFightNightPSN: MikeFightNightCAN Ontario
jewunitPSN: Wossamotta_UUSA Pennsylvania


PSN: catbond

USA Cali


PSN: dawades2000USA New Jersey


Steam: Servbot42

Xbox: MissingnoShow

USA Florida

Perfidious Sinn

Steam: Perfidious Sinn

Xbox: Perfidious Sinn

USA East/Midwest


PSN: Chibithor

EU Finland
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I need to get back into the game. I played it for a while after it was released, but I have neglected the game since then.

Please add me to the list. My PSN ID is Wossamotta_U and I am located in Pennsylvania in the US.

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I'm catbond on PSN and I live in California. Also this thread should be moved to the Skullgirls forum. I think you might be able to do that by doing a full edit of the OP.

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I'm located in Finland and play on PSN as Chibithor. Lag to the US is probably pretty high though

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I pre-ordered the PC version so I will add my name to this list later.

@mikefightnight I didn't know you also lived in Ontario, it would explain why I see you a lot in SF4AE sometimes when I do play online.

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@starvinggamer: Oops. Thanks for pointing that out!

@irrelevantjohn: Huh, small world. Haven't played AE in awhile but i'm sure you bodied me either way xD. Is your PSN id the same as your GB id?

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I played Skullgirls on the Xbox like a got dang idiot, but hopefully when the PC copy drops we'll be playing on there, too?

My Steam ID is Servbot42, if that matters and you're not just collecting PSN IDs.

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I couldn't wait for the PC version so I picked this up a little while ago because of all the indiegogo hype. Really digging it so far, even though I never played fighters all that much. PSN is dawades2000 and I'm in New Jersey, east coast of the US.

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@theglitchmaster: All game id's are welcome! I'll add your Steam id for the future PC release. If you own it on 360 and want to leave your gamer tag that's cool.

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My Xbox tag is MissingnoShow, and I'm located in Florida, so East coast.

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On 360 for now but I'll be on the Steam version soon. East Coast/Midwest area.

Xbox: Perfidious Sinn

Steam: Perfidious Sinn

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