Skullgirls Live Stream Thread

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Sweet, thanks!

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Pro players seem to be really taking to this game. Looks like it's blasting it's way into the tourney scene pretty easily.

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It's really awesome to see all these pro players taking to it and coming up with incredibly potent combos and team comps just a few days after release.
Really hope people find some better assists though because fuuuuuuuck am I tired of seeing Double's ass.
Also I believe TeamSpooky is going to be streaming the Top 8 at Powerup 2012 at some point tomorrow on own3d.

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I've been waiting for some live streams. Now watching that archive.

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ooohhhh NerdJosh plays Skullgirls

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@Bestostero said:

ooohhhh NerdJosh plays Skullgirls

He's been playing a sick Cerebella single. Some of his comebacks were nuts!

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lol @ each time they pan to the crowd

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I'm having Parasoul as assist from now on lol.

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Man the ASS SMASH double is good.

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lol "the ring"

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its official, this game is more hype than sfxt...

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So is no one streaming this game anymore? Have people gone into a "Hey let's figure this stuff out!" mode or something?

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