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This canceled game was intended to be based on the military term HALO jump (High Altitude, Low Opening). The players would start the missions with jumping out of an aircraft, they would then proceed to free fall for the longest period of time before opening their parachute. The player would have full control of their character while they are in the air, this also applies to when the parachute is open. Once the parachute is open the players will need to steer to a drop-zone and ensure that the player-character lands without sustaining any injuries. Once the player is on the ground then they will take on varied missions that are based on real life tasks that Special Task Forces go though.


The game would have had a 8 Player co-op part also where the players team up to do various mission and task. The co-op portion of the game would also feature a gun/kit upgrade mechanic, how in-depth this feature was not revealed.

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