Series 1 Figs on SL Giants (Heroic Challenges)

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Hey guys I have been enjoying the new Skylanders game. I have around 20 series 1 figures, and they work just fine on the Giants. But I have a question regarding the Heroic Challenges. It seems that the Series 1 figures does not unlock the Heroic Challenges on the new game, is this correct or am I missing something? The second question is, I have a particular figure (Quill Grunt) with 20 plus Heroic Challenges from Spyro Adventures on it, so it is pretty well upgraded, does these upgrades carry over to SL Giants, despite not seeing the old Heroic Challenges there? And last question... I Am on a quest to S rank this game (SL Spyros Adventure was a quite easy S Rank), does any one know if all the achievements are possible without new Series 2 figures? From Series 2 I only have the the tree Giant that comes with it. thanks

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Well looking at the achievements for Giants, looks like it's pretty isolated so the people with Skylanders1 stuff will have some extra people to play with (or just not have to buy to play Giants) but should be able to get all the achievements in Giants with just that game.

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@asantosbr: Let me try and answer all of your questions the best I can :)

Q: Do Series 1 Figures unlock Heroic Challenges in Skylanders Giants?

A: No. Heroic Challenges are unlocked by the eight new series 2 Skylanders (Chill, Sprocket, Flashwing, Pop Fizz, Hot Dog, Fright Rider, and Shroomboom) as well as the eight Giants.

Q: Do upgrades from Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure carry over to Skylanders Giants?

A: I cannot give you an iron clad guarantee on this one, as I haven't carefully scrutinized the stats, but I'm inclined to believe that yes they do. The stats and hats are stored on the figure itself and since the heroic challenges directly upgrade a figure's stats (which is demonstrated much more clearly in this new game) I would believe all that work is permanent on the fig.

Q: Can I S Rank without new Series 2 Figures?

A: Technically yes. The achievements do not require that you have any new figures except for the Tree Rex that comes with the game, which you should have by default. In order to get all the achievements all you would need is one Skylander of each element to open up the Elemental Areas (Gates). Even if you needed a Giant inside that area, once you unlock and enter that area you should be able to switch to Tree Rex to overcome the specific obstacle in your way.

Fun Tips:

When you unlock the Music Box in Chapter 2, bring each of your Skylanders up to where it's playing. Each of them does a little bit of sing-a-long to that completely rad hip-hop remix of the Skylanders theme.

Legendary Treasures? Yeah, they're back! This time they even do something (sorta). After you collect a few head into the lower right cabin of the Dread and interact with the hologram. You can use the Legendary Treasures to customize the look of the ship.

A question of my own!

When I brought Skylanders with hats from Spyro's Adventure to Giants they had their hats on, but those hats did not unlock in Giants, despite there being silhouettes for them on the hat screen. I had assumed they would unlock by just putting a Skylander with that hat on but apparently not. Does that mean all the old hats are in the game again?

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About the hats I noticed the same thing, it seems that the hats are there but they don't unlock by just using a Skyland with a hat unlocked at Spiro's Adventure.

And as I mentioned as I got the Tree Rex guy that came with the game, but I will get some other Giant figures, my 5 years old daughter love these figures, specially because now this new one lights up. I had a strange issue with mine though, I am not sure if it is a common thing, but my Tree Rex does not work if I just put it in the Portal, it seems that it has to be a bit above it, so what I did is I put the game box on the top of the portal and the figure on the top of the game box, then it works fine. Kind of annoying, but not a big deal. I had the same issue the original Spiro that came with the first game, but all other figures works just fine.

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@asantosbr: Huh. That's a strange one. Can't say I've had that problem.

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erm just correct something here, if s rank reuires all acolades then you cannt get to s rank without owning ALL 8 giants and at least 40 orange base skylanders (orange base = series 2(im not sure if the 8 giants count towards the 40 orange base skylanders but i dont see why not)) also heroic challenges are also unlocked by all the returning reposed series 2 figures such as slam-bam and drobot

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