Skylanders Giants rips off Ikaruga

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ikaruga boss dishing out mad amounts of colour coded projectiles

Let me preface this with saying that I probably sure people have already seen similarities in the gameplay between skylanders giants and ikaruga and that I'm probably not the first person to find a link between the two. There are several boss battles in skylanders giants that particularly ape the style of ikarugas original projectile polarity switching premise. This is not only in general gameplay but visually as well. In skylanders giants there is a boss battle where you fight wizard of sorts who fires blue and red projectiles towards you. The red orbs deal you damage. The blue orbs give you health. You also have the ability to swap the two colours. Sound, familiar? because that's exactly the what you do in ikaruga. What do you guys think? I kind of thought it cool for someone who has played a lot of games to see a sort of nod to an older game.

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I'm not regret.

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That mechanic has been in tons of games since Ikaruga came out. It's... a bit of a cliché to point out "binary colour coded projectiles" as an Ikaruga influence these days. I think we grew out of it around the time Outland came out.

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It was obviously an homage, not a ripoff. You should feel ashamed for that title.

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To a lesser extent I think the new DMC game does that as well doesn't it? With the Angel/Demon weapons and having to use each specific type against the different enemies.

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@NoelVeiga: man... I totally forgot about outland hahaha. Never played it but yeah, it is the most similar to ikaruga. And yes, I probably shouldn't complain about skylanders unoriginality beyond the whole "portal of power stuff". Since the game is a hack and slash dungeon crawler in the same ilk as gauntlet.

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*shrug* Neir "ripped off" Ikaruga even more. I'm unsure why that or this is a problem.

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