Skylanders Giants Wii

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Nintendo is releasing a Skylanders Giants Wii soon, my store (Target) got 4 boxes on our truck today. It's a light blue Wii and Wiimote. This is probably the new non-GCN game version of the Wii. It comes with at least 1 giant. It's price point is 149.99. Seems like an odd move when the Wii U is just around the corner. No pictures as I don't carry my phone on me when I work. Don't want to crack it while backstocking.

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I assume this was done by Activision. There is also a Xbox 360 Skylanders bundle. Nintendo wanted to catch as many Wii1 sales this Christmas as possible. At this point I assume its more than 50% profit.

WiiU is not going to have promos because it is new. If you are looking to get into Skylanders on the cheap with no other console at home. This was the way to do it.

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