Skylanders: Spyro's adventure Review thread

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Hi guys. I just though I'd start a thread where we can discuss the game's reviews so far. I haven't seen a lot of marketing for the title so far( I live in Australia) but maybe there are ads on kids TV which i'm unaware of. 
So far the game is getting some positive reviews which to be honest caught me off guard. The two reviews so far are: 
Jim sterling gave the game an 8/10 citing the unique characters, strong art style and cross platform play as strong points of the game. 
2. Game informer: 
Game informer gave the game an 8/10 as well noting the games 20 hour length, excellent co-op and a strong roster of characters.  
3.  Gamespot 

7.5/10. The commend the games RPG style progression and the interesting comment. The criticize the game's cost and lack of online co-op. 
4. Telegraph UK 
 8/10. The writer appreciates the novel concept and admits that most parents might enjoy playing the game. The game sparked his kid's imagination as well. He criticized the cost and some difficulty spikes during boss battles.
I'll update this page as more reviews come in. If there are reviews I've missed please let me know. 
There is a quick look on the site as well. 

 Kotaku also have a nice video showing how the game works and I won't lie, my inner child really wants this game but i can't justify the purchase so far. The video shows how the portal works and how the characters are represented in game. 

Have any of you guys bought the game yet? Does your experience reflect the critics' reviews? Comment below.
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It's such a dumb idea, but it's good they they at least made a decent game. $70 is a lot of money for a "starter pack."

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Might be interested if Spyro didn't look so fucking ugly. Seriously, the others designs were tolerable, but this takes the cake for ugliest design ever.

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@Turtlebird95: You know what, this game could have done without the Spyro name. Spyro barely figures into the game since you can play as any character.
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I bought the 360 version but haven't played it yet. What I did do was plug the portal into my computer and try the web game. It's pretty cool how you can switch your guys in and out on the fly. The web game is so so, it's about what you'd expect, along the lines of Super Hero Squad or other free web based games. Mini games with some over world wrapper.

My four year old was in big trouble when I got home so no Skylanders for him. Maybe he'll do better tommorow, otherwise I'll just have to play it myself.

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No interest in the actual game whatsoever. The sales figures on the other hand....
Seems like if this was around during the pokemon craze of the late 90s it would have been huge.

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@jaycrockett: As a parent are you worried about all the extras and booster packs you're child might ask for? It could end up being an expensive gift in the long term.
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Why can't they just make a game in the style of the first 3 PS1 games, it would still work. I'm not so sure about the camera angle in this but, Jim Sterling gave it an 8 who is usually quite harsh on a lot of games. I'm just really confused now.

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Oh my god, this looks so cool! This looks so unnecessary, but sick as hell! It's like those GBA card games where you would enter the endlessly long codes on the cards to get them in game. So why is it that i'm only now hearing and seeing stuff about this game? Have i been looking in the wrong places or something?

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Picked this up yesterday and have about 5 hours played. So far it has been a fun game. With all the other releases coming out right now, I think I'll just keep this one ready for when I need a co-op game. Not really sure what they were thinking by releasing it on the Sunday of the week for Arkham City's release. The only advertisements for the game that I've seen were some banner ads and that's it. If I wasn't already interested in the game, I wouldn't have known it was coming out.

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@Masha2932: I'm more worried about me than him at this point. :)

He's at an age where he sort of wants everything but doesn't obsess over anything. I told him about Skylanders and showed it to him in the store and he was like 'Cool, I'll ask for it for Christmas'. Honestly his go-to toy at the moment is Legos (which is great because Legos rock. They break on purpose, which is useful when you have a two year old brother who destroys everything).

However he does like playing Lego Star Wars which frankly I am sick of. I'm hoping Skylanders will be able to take it's place.

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@jaycrockett: Love the Penny Arcade strip. Those guys always seem to know what I'm thinking about.
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Activision you Marketing whores

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if i was a kid skylanders would blow my mind. Stupid adulthood :(

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I would be so much happier about this game if Spyro weren't in it.

Just makes me depressed seeing what they've done with that license since Insomniac dropped it.

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Well as far as I can tell you could just not use the Spyro fig and you'd never know he's in it. He's not the lead character, he doesn't really talk, etc.

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Is Jeff going to do a review? He's played the shit out of it but yet to see anything on GB

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Hi,here is the new trailer of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

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