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Skylanders Review

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is worthy to replace the Legend of Spyro series. Even with having to buy the characters and the incredible cheesiness of the game, it just works brilliantly! It follows the story of the Skylanders that once defended and lived in Skylands under guidance from Master Eon (who helps you from the grave as a floating head) to stop the darkness from ever returning. But one day, it did. Kaos, an evil Portal Master aided by a troll named Glumshanks, together try to somehow exile the Skylanders from Skylands and destroy the Core of Light. So they deployed an army to defeat the Skylanders whilst Kaos prepares Hydra to destroy the Core of Light. Unfortunately, he succeeded! When the Core was destroyed, the Skylanders were frozen and sent to Earth. That's were we come in to take back Skylands and defeat Kaos for good!

You adventure through eight different areas that specialise in the eight different elements. You rebuild the Core of Light to send the Darkness away and then take on Kaos. The personality of the characters involved and the trials and puzzles you have to pass through work really well creating a great action adventure. There are also challenges unlocked for each Skylander imported giving you extra strength to take on Kaos's hordes.

There are also four add-on packs for the game that add to the story with new, action-packed adventures, that award you with more treasure, hats and new crazy characters to help you take back Skylands. It is fun for family and friends alike.

There is also a game mode, (Battle Mode) where you take on your friends head to head. Even though the levels are small, the options, content and layouts of Battle Mode make it fun and challenging for each contender.

This game is fun for all the family and I recommend it to anyone that's willing to spend a bit of money for a great, hilarious, action-packed adventure!


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