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Skyshrine Library

Skyshrine, also known as Ilak Tas Gral, is the primary stronghold of the Claws of Veeshan. It was built many millenia ago by the First Brood, who are the dragons placed on the planet by Veeshan herself. They contructed the city on the western edge of the Great Scar, now known as the Wakening Land, which teems with life due the Wyrm Queen's touch. Only four of the massive towers remain to this day, the others being destroyed not by the giants but by civil wars between the dragons themselves. From here, the dragons of Velious plan their raids on the storm giants while also defending the western reaches of the continent, for almost everything west of Skyshrine is the dominion of Veeshan's children. The dragons are generally tolerable of visitors, so long as they have not made a name for themselves by slaying dragonkin along their way to the city. They are highly intelligent, but also wise beyond imagination, for the Claws of Veeshan are some of the most ancient beings in all of Norrath. Race, gender, religion, nor occupation seem to matter to the dragons, for they know Veeshan is the one true power and they are her children.

Lord Yelinak

A tunnel from the Wakening Lands leads to the lowest level of the monstrous city. Even the lowest level of Skyshrine has elaborate halls that are adorned with ancient relics and statues. These lower halls have various merchants and tradeskill kiosks scattered about to serve those who devote themselves to the dragons' causes. Beyond the merchant district is a large foyer with a beautiful fountain in the center. This fountain is also a magical portal to the Cobalt Scar, but requires a key that can either be earned or taken by force from a drake known as Ziglak Whisperwind. Those opting to ignore the fountain will be met with a seemingly endless climb up the various towers of the city where the high ranking dragons reside, including Lord Yelinak. Along the way up are countless massive corridors, a mind numbing maze of teleportation pads, and a stunning collection of tomes that makes the one in Erudin seem miniscule. At the upper levels, ancient dragons offer various quests to those adventurers who wish to aid them in their destruction of Kael Drakkal. At the end of the seeminly endless trek into Skyshrine is Veeshan's Spire, which is where Lord Yelinak resides. He is the sole remaining guardian of the city, for his mate, Hsarga, fell in battle to the Kromzek many centuries ago. Yelinak's First Brood brothers and sisters have since left the city in favor of the western shores of the continent. He offers unimaginable rewards for those who aid him in his quest for revenge against Tormax's legions of giants, but he is also a target for those who have sided with the children of Zek.

Neighboring Zones


  • Claws of Veeshan
  • Yelinak

Commerce & Tradeskills

MerchantGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Banker TrevalBank
Barkeep DablenBasic AlcoholBrewingBrew Barrel
Barkeep DravenRacial AlcoholBrewing
Barkeep DrozBasic AlcoholBrewing
Barkeep GrontRacial AlcoholBrewing
Chef KollofWaterBakingOven
Chef NoradorFoodBaking
Guardian TrekolzWizard Spells
HytlocMagician Spells
Purveyor BorrinFletchingForge
Purveyor ChopJewelry
Purveyor NishFood, Water, General SuppliesFishing
Purveyor StitchTailoringKiln, Loom
Ruru the CookSpecial Food
SalginorEnchanter Spells
ZildainezEnchanter Spells


Notable NPCs

  • Abudan Fe`Dhar [Necromancer]
  • Adwetram Fe`Dhar [Paladin]
  • Aged Golem Sentinel
  • Aged Golem Sentry
  • Asteinnon Fe`Dhar [Shaman]
  • Charayan the Crusader
  • Commander Leuz
  • Crendatha Fe`Dhar [Rogue]
  • Elaend Fe`Dhar [Wizard]
  • Fardonad Fe`Dhar [Cleric]
  • Grendish the Crusader
  • Jendavudd Fe`Dhar [Warrior]
  • Jortreva the Crusader
  • Kintaru of the Shrine
  • Komawin Fe`Dhar [Monk]
  • Kromzek Spy
  • Large Velium Statue
  • Larquin Fe`Dhar [Beastlord]
  • Lieutenant Milven
  • Lord Yelinak
  • Lothieder Fe`Dhar [Enchanter]
  • Marech of the Shrine
  • Mercutius Del Torre
  • Nalelin Fe`Dhar [Ranger]
  • Ocoenydd Fe`Dhar [Magician]
  • Onerind Fe`Dhar [Shadow Knight]
  • Qynydd Fe`Dhar [Druid]
  • Roagar Far`Huin [Berserker]
  • Supreme Laochsmith Psorin
  • Susarrak the Crusader
  • Torm Wenrar
  • Umykith Fe`Dhar [Bard]
  • Ziglark Whisperwing

Notable Items

  • Aegis of the Shrine
  • Amulet of the Shrine
  • Ayill's Aged Stone Shield
  • Belt of the Primalist
  • Bloodshine Necklace
  • Boots of the Savage
  • Bracers of the Warlord
  • Brightwood Spear
  • Celestial Essence Robe
  • Charred Black Staff
  • Circlet of the Struggle
  • Coldstone Wreath
  • Craslith
  • Delgin's Sceptre
  • Decisive Boots of the Kin
  • Despair Needle
  • Despair Needle
  • Dragon's Eye Sage Ring
  • Dragons Blood Earring
  • Dragons Tear Earring
  • Dragonscale Encrusted Veil
  • Dragonscale Inlaid Shield
  • Dragonscaled Gauntlets
  • Drakescale Covered Tunic
  • Drakespine Belt
  • Drakespine Choker
  • Elder's Earring
  • Falgiron Staff
  • Frosted Gloves
  • Grayder's Cloak
  • Guardian Armor
  • Ice Enchanted Bracer
  • Jar`Nal Long Sword
  • Joined Ethereal Cape
  • Kin Lore Necklace
  • Kin Magi Earring
  • Laoch Combat Gauntlets
  • Laoch Meditation Beads
  • Laoch Warhammer
  • Manaforge Ringlet
  • Mantle of Absorption
  • Mark of the Master
  • Mask of the Dragon Slayer
  • Medium Coin Purse
  • Mithril Edged Skull Splitter
  • Mystical Laig Staff
  • Necklace of the Sages
  • Oiled Greaves
  • Outrider's Taming Whip
  • Reinforced Wyvern Ribcage
  • Reliant Cap of the Kin
  • Rod of the Healers
  • Runed Eldar Staff
  • Runed Writ
  • Sacrifice
  • Salderen Spear
  • Sentry Armor
  • Sentry Maul
  • Sentry Robe
  • Shrewd Cloak of the Kin
  • Shrine Key
  • Signet of the Shrine
  • Soul Defiler
  • Skyfury Scimitar
  • Square Helm
  • Titans Fist
  • Totem of Disruption
  • Velium Etched Circlet
  • Very Large Coin Purse
  • Walrusbone Shield
  • Winters Fury
  • Wurm Bone Ring
  • Wurm Lord Shawl
  • Wurm Scale Cape
  • Wurmscale Encrusted Gauntlets
  • Wyvern Claw
  • Wyvern Claw Mask
  • Wyvern Hide Boots
  • Wyvern Hide Tunic
  • Wyvern Wing Cape
  • Xialn Mask
  • Yelinak's Head
  • Yelinak's Talisman

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