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In the opening cinematic of Shining Force II Slade is seen breaking into a ruin to steal a set of jewels. Unknown to him, this act will release Zeon, king of the devils, into the world of Granseal. He later meets the party when they have become imprisoned in the basement of Galam castle. He follows the team and aids in their escape. He quickly joins the Force out of both a sense of guilt and duty to repair the damage he has caused.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Slade is one of the Shining Force series many characters who begin the game weak and must be protected and focused on until later in the game, when after being promoted, their true potential is revealed. Prior to promotion, Slade has low health, attack and defense and he is constrained to equipping only daggers. After promotion, Slade becomes a ninja, with the ability to use some of the most powerful swords in the game as well as powerful magic.


Pre-promotion: Thief (THIF)

Post-Promotion: Ninja (NINJ)


  • Katon
  • Raijin

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