Free PSN Demo

#1 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I'm quite excited for Slam Bolt Scrappers (which is out today), and it even has a free demo (it is sad how rare this is on PSN).  Sadly it happens to be the same day the MK9 demo goes public.  I've read no buzz at all about this game, but I saw it at PAX Prime and it looked great 6 months ago. 
#2 Posted by Twitchey (962 posts) -

I played the MK9 demo and mastered Scorpion's combos and special moves so it's kind of old new to me.
But today I was looking forward to the Crysis 2 demo (even with all the bad/good hype it has been receiving) 
I haven't heard much of this Slam Bolt Scrappers probably because it's not even on my Video Game wishlist.

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