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These nimble little dudes have only one goal in mind, kill anyone who attempts to intrude upon the great Boletarian Castle. They have a few tricks up their sleeves, but once you learn them, these guys are pretty much just Crescent Moon Grass-dropping pushovers. No matter, in large groups they are not to be underestimated.

How They'll Attack You

  • They're going to start off by either walking or running toward you.
  • If you see them shuffling their feet slowly, they're going to get within range of you and attempt to hit you with a three-slash combo or a slow but strong thrusting stab. Wait too long and they'll start to charge at you.
  • After they get within distance, their charge will turn into a quick leap, landing with a damaging stab.
  • While recovering from the landing, they will wildly flail around for a couple seconds, attacking everything 180 degrees in front of them.

How to Deal with Them

  • If they aren't running at you, just start attacking them. A quick combo with any starting weapon, from fists to poles, will kill them. A quick preemptive combo will always shut the slow ones down if you get to them before they strike.
  • If you see one start to attack, whether it's the stab or the three-hit strike, just block with a shield or roll out of the way. Be careful of fire and treacherous falls when rolling.
  • If one starts to run at you, your best bet is to stand still and wait for their leap, then to quickly roll out of the way, to the left or right. If you have too much equipped, you won't be able to roll effectively, but a half-decent roll will still prove more effective than a shield against their landing freakout.
  • After they land, just run around behind and backstab them.

What they Give You

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