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Slave Zero was developed by Infogrames and was released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1999, and later ported to PC.


The game takes place 500 years in the future. The SovKhan, a tyrannical overlord, rules the world from Megacity S1-9, a powerful military complex. The Guardians, an ancient order known for their strength of mind, has sworn to destroy Megacity S1-9, and bring down the SovKhan. Banished to the sewers, the Guardians stand no chance against the SovKhan and his powerful army of gigantic robotic war machines, known as the Slaves. The Guardians have managed to steal a single one of the Slave units, the original prototype, and have chosen their best man, Chan, to pilot it. Most humans are too weak to control a slave, but with the Guardians mind training, Chan becomes an exception. The game follows Chan, now permanently merged with the battle suit and transformed into Slave Zero, as he fights against the SovKhan's forces in Megacity S1-9.


Slave Zero places players in command of Slave Zero, a powerful robotic suit that comes equipped with various ballistic cannons, energy weapons, missiles and bombs. Slave Zero must make his way through 16 missions set across a futuristic city.

The game sported unique environmental interaction features such as being able to step on tiny humans, destroy buildings, and pick up and throw various items such as cars, steel girders, and debris as projectile weapons.

The player would need all these weapons to face the various enemy forces that ranged from conventional military forces, with infantry and tanks to more advanced sentinel war suits and aerial vehicles.

Slave Zero in Action

The Game also included a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players split screen. The multiplayer included standard Deathmatch modes across a number of maps, each player taking control of a Slave with only a weak cannon and limited ammunition, forcing players to scavenge the maps for more weapons or use the environment to gain advantage.

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