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1 of Granite rolls around and I receive my orders from my cousin, the queen. I'm to act as Seneschal of Shimmeroiled until a suitable replacement is found. Whatever.

As a friendly dwarf gives me a tour of the place, I spot a walled workshop in one of the lower levels. “A dwarf went crazy in there. He started taking off of his clothes and crying.” my guide informs me. Dwarves under my reign are to be free to express emotion and not live in clothed tyranny. As my first act, I order the wall opened and the dwarf released.

  While on the main level, I start getting some SERIOUS bad vibes. It turns out that some dwarven bros are hurt and trapped in a small hole that a former ruler had channeled. Eager to rid myself of this bad feeling, I order a floor made over the hole so I no longer have to think of them.

Before I arrived there was some business with goblins. They're no longer a problem. Our buddies from the mountain homes chased them off before I could have anything done with them. Probably for the best. 

While surveying the outside I'm shocked to learn that we've imprisoned animals in a small pasture. What in Armok's name??? You can't OWN animals, man. I order that our brother beings be freed. 

A similar restriction was made for our very own citizens. As if we were living in some sort of military state! I abolish the ordinance. 

Before I let them leave, though, there's the matter of food. Our WHOLE FORTRESS is on the verge of starvation. There's only one thing to do. As I let dwarves out of the fortress, I enact a new law. 

Every capable man, woman, and child is to head outside and gather up nature's bounty. Not to eat, but to be brought back and shared amongst ourselves. A suitable field is selected and near every citizen leaves to do their new job. 

Another issue that proved challenging to previous ruler was drink. Every dwarven man and woman craved the refreshing, natural taste of water. Unfortunately a majority of water outside is unfit for drinking, having been tainted by mud or blood. A portion of the brook outside is diverted into an underground reservoir. A well is created on the floor above, drawing on the new water. Not only is this a much, much more healthy alternative to alcohol but it's not outside where our brothers and sisters were being slaughtered. 

While observing, I notice that my plan to feed the fortress (and later the world) is bringing results. Dwarves are see merrily hauling in handfuls of wild strawberries and prickle berries. 

It seems that word of our tragedies have spread to the mountainhomes. Word is spreading that we're a cursed fortress doomed to failure. Whatever. That's just, like, their opinion. 

 While I was outside I had a bold plan. The land near the brook was devoid of any structures. Having built a pump I had the nearby land irrigated. It seemed that the land is too rocky, though. Nothing would grow.

All in all, I think the fortress is in good hands. The next three seasons will be great!! 
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I can't tell if I love you or want to strangle you.

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Those poor animals.

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hehe i was wondering when someone would build a well , generally one of thwe first things i do now after earlier versions of df brutally traiend me to have excess water on hand at all times due to lazy ass dwarves being too lazy to give water to wounded ppl

plus it always helps to plan a reservoir and accesible wells BEFORE you put in a bunch of floors ... but i guess you dont even need a reservoir , just a small hand filled pond will do . '

Anyways .. looking forward to more sankis , might wanna order some livestock from the traders if possible , chickens make helllllllllllllla eggs and meat and dont require any food apart from what they forage themselves from any cave floor

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So i'm confused....I see ASCii, but also sprites....what is going on?

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@HotSauceMagik: That's because some people play with sprites, some with ASCii. You can switch between these two from session to session, so it's no big deal.

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@TwoLines: I Mean't in

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@HotSauceMagik: Happened to me too. Sometimes it flips out. My trees were ASCii while everything else was represented by sprites.

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@Sankis said:

All in all, I think the fortress is in good hands. The next three seasons will be great!!

Man....all furniture and architecture must be made out of gold...

"The Golden Halls of Shimmeroiled" has a nice ring to it.

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@HotSauceMagik said:

So i'm confused....I see ASCii, but also sprites....what is going on?

Creature sprites are separate from tile sets. I use creature sprites but not a graphical tile set. My main reason for disliking graphical tile sets is due to how poorly supported they are. Due to the limited number of icons that DF will use, graphical tile sets will end up replacing things that should not be replaced. For instance, the icons for male and female will be replaced by the icon for a bag. On the world map, you'll see out of place door icons and tables.
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@HotSauceMagik: So much gold.

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Sorry for taking so long with the turn but I should have everything wrapped up tomorrow evening. I played most of my year but just didn't have the time to write an update today.

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Don't worry about it, you haven't even used up half your allotted time. It's just that we got very lucky with the first few people (I would have taken much longer if my turn hadn't started on a weekend).

Pretty eager to see what the fortress is like at the end of the turn. Gathering herbs was a good call, hopefully that'll keep us alive.

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Releasing the animals may not be such a good call. I hope the grass eaters haven't starved deep down in the caves. And poor dwarves in the ditch.

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Update 2 of 2: Summer, Autumn and Winter

      Just as soon as Autumn comes do the haunting start. A dead child, among others, reportly rise from the dead to torment those from their past lives. Spooky!
 Some other dwarves have informed me that having everyone outside gathering plants is not exactly the best idea. Something about Goblins. Whatever. I was never one for "defense" or "survival." As a compromise, I agree to keep my harvesting to the indoors. I find suitable room and clear it out.
 While that's being done, I look to our food supplies. The output is just not enough to feed a fort of sixty dwarves and despite my protests no one will follow through on my ideas of  sharing and eating only what you need, not what you think you need. I find a suitable dwarf and assign him to exclusive fertiziler duty. This all natural fertilizer, straight from the teat of our Mother is set to increase our plump helmet output tenfold!  
 As summer draws to a close I order our miners to seek out natural caverns. Many hundreds of feet below our hold we find one.  It's only a matter of time before delicious fungal spores and moss creep up to our living area.
Meanwhile our fertilizer is already producing results! SPLENNNNDID! 
With our barely existent military I turn the barracks into a common area. 
 With autumn drawing to an end, I revist the room I had dug out. Success! Fungus and moss from the caverns below have successfully begun to spread. Soon we will have no need to leave the walls.
 Outside, I receive word that an elven trader has gone berserk. He does little harm, except to the mule he came with, before a dwarf cuts him down.

Oh no. Why won't they just leave me alone? We're just, like,  minding our own business, you know?

 Despite the goblins at our door, things are looking up for the summer
The dwarven caravan inexplicably still has not departed. They deal with the goblins. In the coming days, bodies of missing dwarves and animals are found littering the surrounding countryside. No one bothers bringing the bodies inside and I don't really care. 
While I'm busy surveying the outsides, some sort of bird is busy harassing the workers. I am loathe to harm a brother being but I'm left with no choice. The half dozen poorly trained military dwarves are dispatched.
... but not before we lose several to the Elk Bird. Oh well! I'll be sure that every bit of the bird is used so that his death is not in vain. 
More Elk Birds?! Apparently my advisors did not properly convey the threat before. A whole flock of the flightless birds had taken residence inside the fort. With a wounded military, I simply order the hall they occupy to be blocked off. Problem solved! Oh, and it turned out that these birds were coming from the cavern. Oops! 
Summer came and went. As I dealt with the Elk Bird threat, my miners and masons were hard at work outside. A moat is made and filled and a bridge erected. I've single handedly saved our fortress from more attacks. I continue my work on the colossus.
 More goblins appear but are unable to get to us. There is no defense better than a natural defense!
 As I'm busy congratulating myself, a kind dwarf points out that we had not taken out the ramps leading to the hills overlooking our majestic fort. I quickly order the ramps taken down but it's too late. The goblins are once again upon us!
 I'm exhausted and sick of all this work. I throw down the sceptre of leadership and pick up the hoe of farm life. Someone else can deal with the goblins. I'll be working on my organic farm.
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Forgot to attach the save and an image: 
And my unfinished mega project. Hopefully someone finishes it! It's supposed to be a dwarf that was going to be holding a wooden staff.

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Well some stuff may have happened.

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hehe .. nice job sankis .. you set us up for a lot more ghosts , will be fun .. is there anyway to bust the ghosts ? can we possibly tame and breed the elk birds for meat ? and why hasnt anyone made obsidian short swords yet ! ehe

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Be with you all shortly folks, just getting set up here in Quebec at my uncle's summer chalet. I'm told i'll have wireless tonight

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@envane: The only way I know to fight ghosts is to bury or memorialize them as fast as dwarfly possible. Lest more dwarves be scared to death or have their legs broken. Also, elk birds are particularly difficult it seems. They need a pasture or they will starve and they also need nest boxes to lay their eggs. But it should be possible to breed and tame.

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it doesnt seem clear fromt he wiki , but it appears you can just engrave a slab and bury any remains and the ghost will go away .. doubt we will find all the remains but im sure we can engrave a few slabs

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Wow, Elk Birds. Crazy animals be all up in our fortress. I really hope someone can finish that project. Well done surviving this year, Sankis!

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I'm not sure if it's time for congratulations! Though I'll take it.  
There's at least one goblin outside the fort and our perma-dwarven caravan defenses have been defeated. The next player really needs to deal with the goblins ASAP and then just focus on domestic issues and finishing our defenses. We're dangerously close to a tantrum spiral at the moment so beware of that. Most importantly, finish my Dwarf statue.
It may be best not to let any dwarf outside, actually. That way they never know their friends died!

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okay, im sending the message out to the next player now. he has 48 hours to respond stating that he has started his turn.

I still dont have any wifi out here and my data plan is limited so im counting on you all to keep things rolling!

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Great job so far everyone its been a blast reading the updates.

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Fallen189 is passing his turn onto the next player... Which is . He's passing for personal and totally justified reasons.

I'll be sending Zombie a message now, and he'll be officially on the clock. If he passes his turn or fails to respond in 48 hours, I'll give it to a random reserve pool player.

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@Shofixti: Alright, then. I have work in a few hours, but I have a couple of days off coming my way, so I'll start catching up and doing stuff starting tomorrow.

EDIT: Just to let you guys know, I ended up getting busy in real life for a while and my Dwarf Fortress knowledge has gone down the shitter. I may end up doing terrible things to this poor fortress.

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@Zombie_Shakespeare said:

I may end up doing terrible things to this poor fortress.


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I'm not sure you could make it much worse! 

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@Sankis: I did play where you left off a bit. So much death.

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@Daveyo520 said:

@Sankis: I did play where you left off a bit. So much death.

What can dorf do against such reckless overseers?

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@Seaborgium: Live man, they can live. Oh wait...

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@Zombie_Shakespeare: i dont think you could promise anythign greater :)

all hail shitteroiled

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I don't know if you guys found it or not but I did make a dump on the first floor that is one square big. It should have a ton of stone in it.

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@Daveyo520: you should probably see a doctor about those stones in your dump ..

sorry i had to

otherwise that's kind of a bad thing to do now , with stone weighing alot more and slowing dwarves down, dumping it into a quantum stockpile isnt as useful as before ... im liking relatively small stone stockpiles with wheelbarrows assigned to them , at least then only a maximum of 3 haulng jobs will be created for the stockpile. in the meanwhile im just learning to cope with leaving alot of stone lying about more often :/

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@envane: Well I went a long time ago. I do not think anyone is still dumping, but what was dumped is there if no one claimed it.

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@Shofixti said:

@Zombie_Shakespeare said:

I may end up doing terrible things to this poor fortress.


Indeed. Just make sure to leave enough of a fortress for me to destroy. (I only bump this because I'm playing the game as we speak, since you have to know the rules to break them.)

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Well, bad news. The Filedropper link Sankis set up is no longer working, at least for me. Does anyone have the original save file that they could upload for me? In the mean time, I'll start getting into tutorials again.

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: Im sure either or has it. (I hope?) Bascially, this was a shameless post to ping all their names just in case.

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im still without wireless or a decent computer, so youll need to wait for me to get home tomorrow for me to look.

I think though all I have is daveyo's save

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I'll re-upload it in a few minutes. 
Edit: HERE!!!!

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@Sankis said:

I'll re-upload it in a few minutes. Edit: HERE!!!!

Awesome, thank you. I'll get started properly tomorrow. Don't work until the afternoon.

Thought of an interesting (to me) way to spin my inexperience, as well.

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I accidentally ended on 2nd of Granite I HOPE YOU DON'T HOLD THAT AGAINST ME.

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Oh we will!

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If sankis's dwarf is still alive. I vote Sankis for gathering and Woodchopping. We can assign him all the war animals we have and see if he survives longer than ten minutes. Its the only fitting punishment.

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Alright, I've been working on my first update for an hour or two or three now; I honestly don't know. It's taking me a while to re-familiarize myself with DF. I'm going to post what I have to see if you guys are okay with the tone and general play-style I'm going for. Should be up in a few minutes if I don't have any problems. Just have to format it for the site.

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Hullo, fellow Dorfs. Some strange lookin' fellas broke into me home yesterday, abducted me and brought me here to this fort.

I am a humble farmer-Dorf, but these men told me that now I'm a leader-Dorf. That's alright, I suppose. Me mum never taught me much about

leadin', but maybe I can do good and put some of her old-world farming values back into this little fort. She taught me that

the two most precious things in a Dorf's life are liquor and farmin'. I never had no reason to doubt her. She never steered me wrong.

Oh, my name is Tosid. You c'n call me Zombie, though. Me friends started callin' me Zombie when I was little, after an elephant trampled

me head and I got up and just started playin' tag again. The doctors said I'd be a veg'table, but I proved them wrong right good.

Now, I don't know what kind of name Shirremoiled is, but I'll try me darndest to keep these fellas safe an' happy.

They sure rushed me right in. I didn't see much on account o' the sack on my head, but one time we tripped and it came off. Lots o' blood

and dead Dorfs.

Must have been one crazy party. We kept goin' in pretty far, past the entrance. Pretty sure I heard some screams, but the Dorfs with me

told me it was just one big joke welcome for their new overseer. One o' them said somefin about 'account-o-bility', but then the other

one slugged him but good. They took me into the first and told me about how the last overseer did a right bang-up job, but Dorfs are dying

and I could fix it. They asked me what my first order was. I looked all 'round, at how bloody and dirty this room was, and told 'em

to start cleanin' up their mess. Me mum would have a fit if she saw all this. They gave each other a weird look. Then they told me

I should really take care o' the goblins outside, but I told them that the goblins would still be there tomorrow. They said they'd get

the old overseer to help me out.

After scrubbin' on those floors for a while, I told the nearest Dorf that they were hard to clean up, and he suggested that we just make

a new floor over it. I told him that was good, and that he could do it with whatever we had around. I caught him later buildin' tiles to

seal up the blood stains out o' potash. Oh, well. One stain down, when he finishes. Me mum would be proud o' me critical thinking skills.

Then I got reports o' a goblin outside killin' all sorts of poor, innocent animals. I told the Dorf that was sad and all, but I had a fort to run

and these blood stains weren't going to cover themselves up.

Through all o' this, though, the goblins kept killin' people outside. So I told the nearest Dorf that we should just wall up the entrance.

He told me there were Dorfs still outside, but I just said that if they were outside, they must have bad survival instincts anyway, and I

couldn't finish cleaning up this mess with that big racket. So he told me he'd get some Dorfs to bring up some alunite for me.

But soon after that, they were workin' on bringing up the rocks when the yak over in the front went berserk! I shouted for someone to kill it,

and the Equivalence of Cloister squad burst into action. Dodok carried her baby into battle and wrecked it. Then she walked off like nothin' ever

happened. What a lady.

They did so good that I told them to go on and kill the elf who snuck inside during the seige. Me mum hates elves, so I should, too.

After that, I think we c'n get that wall finished and start some clean-up.

And then, somethin' bad happened.

Well, I know that's a hell of a lot of stuff for just five days, but it is during a goblin seige. Hopefully things will settle down some soon. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I'm experienced enough to salvage this fort. But I'll do my best. And that means a lot of Dwarves are going to die. If nothing else, we can always have the next person continue from Sankis' save (I made a backup and he still has his, as well) and pass this off as a curiosity. Oh, and sorry about the overlapping problem in a couple of those images. I fixed it. I can also fix the odd formatting when I get home if it bothers people. Other than that, I'll continue tomorrow. Hopefully at a speedier pace. Advice would be appreciated.

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@Zombie_Shakespeare: This has been my favourite update so far! Keep it up!

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