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Sweep Reviews Sleep Is Death

Sleep Is Death sounds morose as fuck.

 It's an Indie adventure game which is designed to be played with 2 people. Think dungeons and dragons except you make everything up in realtime. The premise is that each player is given 30 seconds to react to the actions of the previous player. Because there is no AI and no NPC's every action, object and line of dialogue is completely contextualized by those of the previous player. So one person writes "Where the fuck is my snake?" and you then have the freedom to reply however you want and manipulate the landscape to reflect that ("It was eaten by a nun").

It's sort of like the giantbomb text adventure except with pictures.

And less penis.

It's a neat little game. It's £9 which gets you two copies (because it requires 2 people to play) so you can go halfs if there is someone you know and trust enough to pay you back, though £9 is a little steep for what it actually is. There are obscure tools which let you dick around with the music and edit individual sprites but apart from that it's very basic and the amount of things you can get done in 30 seconds is, realistically, fucking slim. The main criticism would be that the internet connectivity works via some fucking stupid UPnP port that everyone seems to be having problems with. I eventually got mine sorted after screwing around with my router and firewall for a few hours (more time than I actually spent playing the bloody game) but it's a complete hassle and don't expect it to work outta' the virtual box if you do end up buying it.

In summary:

 Sleep Is Death is a neat concept that should be distributed as a free flash game. Despite the potential for anything to take place the game often resembles a low budget 3D chat room. I'm sure with some decent planning you could probably pull off something pretty epic, but channeling your player down the path you have created contradicts the freedom the game attempts to inspire, and 30 seconds doesn't really give you enough time to make anything impressive. An acquired taste, perhaps...
Posted by Rowr

You should really be writing for this website.

Posted by Hero_Swe

voted it down cause sweep told me to
Posted by Sweep
@Hero_Swe: Jump off a cliff.
Posted by Hero_Swe
@Sweep said:
" @Hero_Swe: Jump off a cliff. "

no u

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