Behind-The-Scenes Interviews with the Sleeping Dogs team

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Hey everyone, I hope I'm not putting anyone's noses out of joint by positing this here, just figured that as fans of the game there's a good chance you'd want this info.

Since the launch of Sleeping Dogs, we've published a number of exclusive interviews and in-depth articles that take you behind the scenes of Sleeping Dogs. Today, we've published what's probably our last one and it's our biggest (and IMHO best) yet.

I appreciate that many/most of you won't have visited our website before, so I've compiled a round-up of all our special features so that you can find them all easily at your leisure.

I sincerely hope these articles give you greater insight into the inspiration for and people behind Sleeping Dogs. If ever you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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Good stuff I hadn't seen any of these before, thanks. One of my things I liked the most was definitely the city and the overall atmosphere, I'd say North Point was my favourite area in the game.

Shame to hear the Pork Bun Guy wasn't based on a real person though, I love that dude.

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