Can you beat the new Sleeping Dogs Challenges?

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Just to let you know, we've given the Sleeping Dogs website a significant upgrade. Now you can challenge your friends' in-game or website-specific high scores and earn web badges with our new online community features, see where you rank in the world on our regionalised leaderboards, plus more besides.

For a full list of all the new goodies, follow this link: CHALLENGE THE WORLD AND WIN

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glad to see you guys are still kicking :D

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@monkeythumbz: Hey man can you tell us how much Sleeping Dogs sold?

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Ha! No, Vinny sadly isn't in any of our challenges... but if you ask him to share his Steam ID, then maybe you can find him and challenge him on his high scores!

As for our sales figures, I'm afraid that I can't divulge that info, but you can find the total player count number on the age gate page page (if you're already logged in, just clear your browser's cache and cookies and go back to

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You're here to advertise your game and you can't divulge information. What the hell.

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@funkydupe: I am sure Square wouldn't be too happy if they did. Publishers always like to keep that stuff under the lid unless they sell a record number of copies.

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