Can't change graphic settings on PC

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Title says it all. Anyone else have this? If I switch Shadows down from high to medium, AA switches instead. None of my changes stick and it's driving me mad. Game defaults to medium settings and I can choose presets but I cannot customize it. No idea what's up.

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Yes, exact same issue here. Had a look on the official boards and it seems they are aware of the bug.

Glad to know it's not just me. No word on any fix on the official site yet but I hope it's soon.

EDIT: Turns out the patch they released today just fixed this for me! Awesome.

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@Vitor said:

EDIT: Turns out the patch they released today just fixed this for me! Awesome.

Not for me. The game's options are still completely busted. I got the game after the patch, though. I can't play because the game keeps setting everything to max, so the FPS are as low as they can get.

I guess I have to wait until they fix it for good, but man, what a bummer.

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@JoeyRavn: Can you see the settings and change them? Because I had this weird issue when I went into the advanced settings I had to save them there, but then when I backed out to regular settings and saved them there, the advanced settings would not take. I had to save the advanced settings and not save the regular settings, that seemed to work out pretty well.

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@EarlessShrimp: I tried with different methods, but the options just don't stick. At all. Even the frame limiter doesn't seem to work (not that I ever wanted to use it, I was just checking if it worked). I'm sure it'll get fixed soon enough, though. I can wait until they do it.

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It got fixed for me by pressing save settings and running the benchmark once. After that my options stopped reverting.

Allowed me too switch of vsync, enable frame limiting and turn up the SSAO. Game looks beautiful.

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