Do you think Sleeping Dogs is better than GTA V?

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Posted by NekuSakuraba (7198 posts) 1 year, 2 months ago

Poll: Do you think Sleeping Dogs is better than GTA V? (387 votes)

Yes, it is. 41%
No, it isn't. 25%
I like them both just as much as each other. 13%
Other 4%
(See Results) 16%

Now that GTA V has been out for a bit now, do you think that it's better than Sleeping Dogs, or does it fall short?

Personally I've only played a bit if each, my PS3 died when I was play GTA V and I just started playing Sleeping Dogs so I can't come to a definitive answer, but I can say that I'm liking Sleeping Dogs a bit more at the moment.

What about you?

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No way. Not close. And I enjoyed Sleeping Dogs.

The city, writing, tech, scale, amount of things to do. GTA V for sure.

@aegon said:

Without playing GTA5 I will say yes. Sleepy Dawgz was my 2013 GotY.

oh man... I feel like this sums up the poll results.

#52 Posted by DMaggot (17 posts) -

I'd say GTA V is probably the better game from a technical "look at the massive realistic city we made" way. However I enjoyed playing Sleeping Dogs way more than I enjoy playing GTA V. I just find the most of the controls to be pretty meh. The driving isn't fun, the shooting and combat isn't that fun. And as to the story, I haven't beaten GTA V yet, but it just isn't grabbing me. At all. I am not finding the drive to finish the game. Whereas with Sleeping Dogs I loved the story. But that's pretty subjective, and maybe GTA V will get better as I get further into it. I just don't want to have to continue to drive around that city, it's just so boring.

#53 Posted by Kidavenger (3638 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs isn't even as good as GTA IV, and that game came out in 2008. Fun, but nowhere near the polish...the world doesn't come close and the cars feel cheap and unrealistic. I think only people on the Giant Bomb forums love Sleeping Dogs, because its no where near as well made as a GTA and has little depth.

Someone hasn't played GTA 4 since 2008; it's a fine game, but it's not even in the same league as Sleeping Dogs in any aspect, Sleeping Dogs copied everything GTA did before and made it better in every way.

#54 Posted by crithon (3462 posts) -

the combat is solid and reminds me a lot of importing Hong Kong cop drama films of the 90s

I'm getting sick and tired of Rockstar really sloppy design and interface even if they have more money then GOD. It's like they are trying to pretend they are indie developer

#55 Posted by devilzrule27 (1239 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs is my second favourite game of this past generation after Mass Effect, so yes I do think it's better but in the grand scheme of things that means little. Both are damn fantastic games.

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Man, I see the hate train for popular games is arriving earlier and earlier every time now.

No. It isn't. It's a great game but it's not GTA V.

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This thread makes me sad.

#58 Posted by TobbRobb (4878 posts) -

I think Sleeping Dogs has a more interesting setting. But since I haven't played 5 at all I won't judge it completely either way.

#59 Posted by mrcraggle (1988 posts) -

I really enjoyed my time with GTA V and in most respects it's better but Sleepy Dawgs just did things such as navigation and melee combat way better. In SD you can quickly set a navigation point but with GTA V, you need to pause the game, enter the map then find it then select it. They manage to somewhat fix this in the multiplayer so why isn't it in the main game? Shooting whilst driving is also something SD did better. You can aim and shoot freely and when you do, you enter bullet time as driving at high speeds whilst shooting is difficult and for the most part not fun as controls don't usually lend themselves very well to this. While you can technically do this as Franklin in GTA, it's not something you can rely on very often and the shooting still works the same way as previous titles where you just start shooting.

I appreciate Rock* for going to such lengths to add small details all over the game (just check out the mythbuster vids on YT)but I think they'd be better off just borrowing from the competition at this point. One of the main reasons I stuck with the SR series this gen was because the core gunplay was so good. Even the first game in the series had way tighter controls.

#60 Posted by RonGalaxy (3284 posts) -

On paper GTAV is, supposedly, the better game, but I got much more enjoyment from Sleeping Dogs. The focus on hand to hand combat and being rooted in an entirely different culture is what makes Sleeping Dogs awesome to me. GTA's formula, for me, is completely dependent on how well the story is told and I don't think rockstar told a very good, memorable, or worthwhile story.

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@csl316 said:

I had way more fun watching Vinny play Sleeping Dogs, so that.

Vinny putting that dog to sleep (in GTA) was pretty funny.

#62 Posted by Syed117 (391 posts) -

The reception that games like GTA V receive is proof that this industry has a lot of maturing to do.

From a technical standpoint for where we are now, it is an absolute masterpiece. The visuals, the amount of care and detail put into the world are unparalleled. I have 100% completion and after spending 50 hours in the game, I was still finding new things that I had never noticed before.

The production values are unbelievable. That's also where the hype carries it beyond what it is. Unfortunately there aren't many critical thinkers in games journalism, not like in other forms of media. Reviewers for the most part are fanboys that have no formal training or education. I don't think it's always that bad, but it's absolutely holding gaming back.

Games "journalists" often can't look past the hype. A hugely anticipated game comes out and people lose their minds. It's the best thing ever. It's really not. Perfect scores across the board. The flaws don't matter.

GTA V is one of those games. Despite horrendous free aim by standards that were set almost a decade ago, and some terrible mission design, it's still perfect. Yeah, it gets a lot of things right, but I don't think any game that relies on lock on aiming in 2013 deserves a pass. It's ridiculous. Analog control and precision has been perfected. It would have made the single and especially multiplayer so much better. Those death matches would actually be fun. Instead of skill with the controls, it's whoever waits for someone to run by and pulls the left trigger and then right trigger. Forget about it if you happen to be in a car and the other person on foot. You have no chance.

Sleeping dogs isn't as ambitious in scope as GTA V, but it does several things much better. In those ways it is absolutely a better playing game. GTA V catching up and offering the conventions that other games have offered for years isn't something to praise. Maybe GTA 6 will offer shooting mechanics that aren't worst in class. You can pick up any mediocre third person shooter and chances are it will have better shooting mechanics than GTA V.

Games with this much hype are never truly judged. The flaws almost always get overlooked. GTA 4 was a mess and it was universally praised. Most games in the metal gear series are the way. At this point, anything that naughty dog puts out is perfect. I really liked the last of us, but that game had some serious design problems.

That's why I don't read reviews. I never have and I probably never will.

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It is hilarious to see people call out GTA's shooting and vs Sleeping Dogs. The shooting in that game is laughable.

@xanadu said:

This thread makes me sad.

It's not cool to like GTA, don't you know?

I appreciate Rock* for going to such lengths to add small details all over the game (just check out the mythbuster vids on YT)but I think they'd be better off just borrowing from the competition at this point.

I think that would be just about the worst thing that could happen. Luckily Rockstar won't do that.

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I hate these kinds of threads that divides people in to two camps fighting with each other (even though there isn't much fighting here).

Why can't we all just come together and just be friends instead of fighting guys (even though there isn't much fighting in this thread).

#65 Posted by Ksaw (356 posts) -

I enjoyed my time with Sleeping Dogs. It's a fun but not very polished game. GTA is miles ahead in terms of story, characters, driving mechanics, mission variety and overall scope. I'll admit the melee combat is much more engaging in Sleeping Dogs, but GTA V isn't at all a melee combat focused game.

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I don't know whether it's better - they're both fantastic games - but I know I sure as shit had more fun playing Sleeping Dogs. And I've played through that game twice and still fuck around with it for a few hours at a time doing missions every month or two. GTA V definitely had a lot more polish, a more living game-world, a lot more tiny details (their budget gets you that), and better characters, but I think Sleeping Dogs is one of the best straight games of the generation. It just made everything so fun, and made that fun so easy to get to; despite my love of video game narratives, and general hope for their advancement, when a game gets the "fun" part right so consistently it's hard to argue with the shift in focus.

#67 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2327 posts) -

I like them both just as much, both are great looking games but have different things going for them that I enjoy.

#68 Edited by Vic2point0 (43 posts) -

Yes, actually. Sleeping Dogs has:

1. Better hand to hand and melee combat, which means among other things:

a. You can counterattack.

b. You can throw people.

c. You can break your enemies’ bones.

d. You can tackle people… without looking like a retard.

2. Better story. A reason to everyone’s rhyme.

3. Protagonist is a badass, some pathetic, amoral loser. Nor is he fugly.

4. More advanced skill/perk progression system.

5. You can access your vehicles from garages in any area of the map right from the start.

6. Valet guy’s not an idiot, like the mechanic in GTA 5.

7. You can hijack moving vehicles by leaping onto them from your own.

8. You can ram enemy vehicles off the road with the press of a button and analog stick.

9. You can use your phone while getting in and out of your vehicle and driving.

10. You can save outfits in your wardrobe, making it easy to choose what to wear.

11. Food/drinks give temporary boosts to your health regeneration, physical strength, etc.

12. You can shoot while jumping over objects and out of moving vehicles (“bullet time” optional)

13. No disturbing missions where you have to torture innocent people to progress the story.

14. No nudity or overly explicit voiceovers for prostitutes, other creepy stuff like that.

15. Vehicle damage. You can't keep getting into collisions without destroying your vehicle.

16. No hand-holding in general (e.g., can't flip your car back on its wheels with the analog).

17. You can buy a vehicle, lose/destroy it, and return to your garage for another one.

18. You can gamble, in more interesting ways than joining the lame stock market.

19. Hong Kong is a breath of fresh air, as opposed to yet another recycled map.

20. You can own more vehicles at once, and there’s no chance of them disappearing.

21. Better ambiance. Can't walk 10 ft. in Los Santos without being inexplicably antagonized.

22. Better rewards for collectibles, such as max health increases and unlocked apparel.

23. Cops aren't psychic. If you kill someone where they can't see, they don't know about it.

24. You can listen to whatever station you want WHENever you want (no Trevor or loss of signal).

25. You can change objectives (where your GPS points you to) with the press of a button.

26. You can take a human shield.

27. You can disarm opponents and use their weapon against them.

28. You can put people in your trunk and drive around looking for the perfect place to...

29. ...use the environment to kill them in unique ways.

30. Better parkour. The button you run with is the same button you climb/jump with ;)

31. Clothes and accessories can give you experience gain bonuses.

32. More enterable buildings, believe it or not!

33. Takes a considerably shorter time to look at your map and set waypoints manually.

34. You can change objectives (where your GPS points you to with the press of a button).

35. You don’t have to “play the mini-map”, because the GPS puts arrows on the road itself.

36. There are more clubs, and they actually look better in Sleeping Dogs, which is just, sad.

37. You can get weapons from the back of almost any car, including guns from police cars ;)

38. Two buttons on the d-pad to change your radio station with, instead of just one.

39. Ability to turn your radio volume up and down without going into settings.

40. There’s a martial arts tournament-style fight club.

41. You sprint by holding a button down, not repeatedly tapping it like a lunatic.

42. Absolutely zero missable missions/random events.

#69 Posted by SomberOwl (753 posts) -

Definitely had more fun with Sleepung Dogs.

#70 Posted by Mest30 (24 posts) -

I played and beat Sleeping Dogs. I played GTA5 for maybe two hours before selling it. I just didn't engage me. So my answer is Sleeping Dogs.

#71 Posted by JZ (2120 posts) -

100% yes

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@tom_omb said:

I can't give a complete answer because I haven't played GTA V. While I respect a lot of the things the GTA games do I can't say I've ever enjoyed playing a game in the series no matter how I tried.

On the other hand, the great combat and a setting I've never seen before made Sleepy Dogs super enjoyable to me.

This, except take out the 'respect' part. The social commentary of the GTA games has never struck a chord with me and the caricature side characters are offensive - not because they're racial stereotypes but because the writers think I'm stupid enough to find them funny. I guess I respect the fact that they were the first to try to bring free travel of an entire city to a video game, but I think after over ten years, the amount of credit I give them for that in new installments is getting quite small.

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@ksaw said:

I enjoyed my time with Sleeping Dogs. It's a fun but not very polished game. GTA is miles ahead in terms of story, characters, driving mechanics, mission variety and overall scope. I'll admit the melee combat is much more engaging in Sleeping Dogs, but GTA V isn't at all a melee combat focused game.

Exactly this. I liked Sleeping Dogs, but it's not even close to a GTA game. It's not a tenth as polished. Only on Giant Bomb is this even a debate though, every GTA has reviewed far higher than Sleeping Dogs did.

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Sleeping Dogs is probably slightly better, though GTA V's open world is like a cavernous vagina that sucks you in.

#75 Posted by Zaccheus (1809 posts) -

I enjoyed Sleeping Dogs much more than GTAV, that's all I can say.

#76 Posted by TheVeteran13 (1231 posts) -

Sleeping Dogs has a better soundtrack.

#77 Edited by billyhoush (1207 posts) -

I enjoyed GTA V more but Sleeping Dogs was a lot of fun. I don't know if I would even pit them against each other as it felt like Sleeping Dogs was a San Andreas fork like Saints Row.

#78 Posted by tread311 (359 posts) -

GTA is really well crafted but I have no urge to play any more of it. Something about Sleeping Dogs kept me going all the way through.

#79 Edited by believer258 (12305 posts) -

Yes, Sleeping Dogs is a better game than Grand Theft Auto V.

The controls, the weapons, the graphics, the melee combat, the driving, the story, the characters, I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of Sleeping Dogs more than I did in GTA V. GTA V is a technical achievement but none of the characters are particularly likable and the controls just feel sluggish in practically everything I do. Even normal movement occasionally feels like the game is working against me.

Cars might be more "realistic" in GTA V but as someone who doesn't give a fuck about realism I liked Sleeping Dog's arcade-y "jump between cars, slide into other cars" stuff. The stuff you can do with cars in Sleeping Dogs can be described with words like "fun" and "cool" and "awesome".

Neither game does shooting exceptionally well, but the way Sleeping Dogs handles bullet time and the opportunities it gives you to use bullet time make it a hell of a lot more fun than GTA's shooting. Plus, GTA didn't even bother to implement good aiming mechanics with a controller. It's possible, yes, but once again I feel like I'm fighting the game more than I'm fighting enemies and that's just not good.

I haven't actually finished GTA V yet, I think I'm still going to pick it back up and play it, but I don't like stories that don't include a likable character. Wei Shen was a likable guy, and some of the people surrounding him were likable too. GTA V's characters were all terrible people, from top to bottom, and I just don't like stories that do that. Admittedly this part is probably the most subjective, GTA V's writing is still pretty good for a video game. But what's not pretty good is all of that half-hearted "satire" that the game was stuffed with.

As a final note, I played Sleeping Dogs on PC. It was given a fantastic PC treatment; it looked and ran great on that platform, even at the Medium graphics settings. GTA V looks great for a console game, but it doesn't really run all that well and there doesn't seem to be any anti-aliasing. It's great that GTA V runs on consoles, and runs playably, but damn it I want to play it on PC. I won't pretend like playing a better-looking game at a much higher framerate didn't affect my opinion, so here's this little paragraph.

#80 Posted by Guesty_01 (381 posts) -

Personally, I think GTA is a little better. Biking down a huge hill and the jumping off into a parachute was just so much fun. I really, really like Sleeping Dogs though.

#81 Posted by Snail (8675 posts) -

If you want to see results just open the damn thread in an incognito window.

#82 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1488 posts) -

The city in Sleeping Dogs felt boring to me and i hated exploring it, but the oppisite is true to GTA5. Los Santos is better realized than Hong Kong. Driving and free aim felt better in GTA5 and i enjoyed its story way more than Sleeping Dogs.

#83 Posted by agentboolen (1863 posts) -

Haven't played GTA 5 yet, but I recently bought Sleeping Dogs from Steam with all its DLC for roughly $12 and have been having a lot of fun with it. One think I like about it is that its in a foreign city, so it doesn't feel so familiar as past GTA's have... I'll eventually get to GTA5 but for now I'm playing Sleeping Dogs.

#84 Posted by BaneFireLord (2966 posts) -

Just Cause 2 is better than both of them.

#85 Edited by ThePickle (4181 posts) -

I enjoyed Sleeping Dogs more than I enjoyed GTA V.

#86 Edited by Clonedzero (4196 posts) -

I'm going to say it. The open world nature of Sleeping Dogs did the game a disservice. The city layout was awful. The side activities were dumb aside from the fight club. The gameplay in sleeping dogs aside from the hand-to-hand stuff was super bland. Especially the shooting. The driving didn't feel right at all.

The story in sleeping dogs went EXACTLY how i thought it was going to. It wasn't bad, but it was mindcrushingly predictable. The characters aside from Wei were all forgettable and never stood out. You got thuggy triad guy, classy triad guy, friendly triad guy there to make you feel bad when he dies.

In GTA5 when shit went bad and a shootout happened, i was excited, it was going to be fun. When something went bad in Sleeping dogs i was like "cool!" then someone hands you a gun and you're like "ugh, way to ruin the mission guys" Which was basically the entire second half of the game. In a gritty crime game it should not be a bummer whenever guns show up. I personally loved the shoot outs in GTA5, especially later on when you could bounce between the characters. Sleeping dogs shoot outs turned into alot of bad pop and shoots, and then abusing the FUCK out of the slow down vault thing.

Don't get me wrong, i really enjoyed sleeping dogs, but it's just a pretty good game, while GTA5 is a great game. Feel free to prefer sleeping dogs though.

#87 Posted by Yummylee (22658 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption is better than both of them.

a hurr dat

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I'm trying to decide what's worse. A game that has a vision, executes it mostly, then stumbles and loses the thread in the back end. Or, a game that never really has a vision to begin with, but has interesting moments along the way, enough so to keep you going.

I completed them both, and enjoyed my time playing them both. Neither story really did anything for me, but I didn't even feel like Sleeping Dogs was trying most of the time. They're fun games, but they're both kind of shallow. That's probably a more damning statement to GTAV, because that game trades hard on its ability to tell a story.

Edit: It's really depressing how few people are willing to look at games as a singular image in addition to their pieces. Great combat and driving physics are fine, but what do they mean to the overall experience? Anything? A game can have the best shooting ever dreamed, but it's meaningless if it flies in the face of the vision of the game.

#89 Posted by billymagnum (841 posts) -

sleeping dogs was a breath of fresh air. i really fell out of love with GTA after 4 and 5 didnt interest me one bit. the franchise just isnt the same anymore. it just lost the fun. SP was nothing but fun.

#90 Posted by MikkaQ (10346 posts) -

I think Sleeping Dogs was more fun, even though there was less to do and less to see/hear in terms of story.

What was a better game? I don't know... that's a tough call. I think both are great at what they do, which seem like different things.

#91 Posted by Nodima (1319 posts) -

Just like Saints Row 3, I tried it when it was available on PS+ and I understood the novelty of it, but it just wasn't GTA. Ever since GTA III I really haven't been able to find love for an open world game, even ones that go in completely opposite directions like Assassin's Creed. The novelty of running around rooftops, being a martial artist, or living in a fantasy world is fun for a minute, but at the end of the day Rockstar's games have that undeniable something that makes them irresistible. Every year Rockstar releases a game, that game is the best thing I play all year. I played GTA IV every year for five years pretty much waiting for GTA V, and then I sped through that game in two and a half days. Sleeping Dogs I uninstalled from my PS3 after a couple hours.

#92 Posted by BaneFireLord (2966 posts) -
#93 Posted by ShotgunLincoln (332 posts) -

Wasn't able to finish GTA V. I thought it was a good game but nothing really that different from the previous entries. Kind of got really boring in my opinion.

Played Sleeping Dogs all the way through and had a blast so it's Sleeping Dogs for me.

#94 Posted by Xeiphyer (5614 posts) -

When I first played Sleepy Dogs I remember thinking "Wow, GTAV is going to have to really step up their gameplay, especially the combat to compete with this!". Of course when GTAV came out, it ended up having weaker combat but made up for it in different ways.

It kind of feels like I'm comparing apples to oranges. They both excel at some aspects while being weak in other ways, if they were mixed together they would probably make one hell of a game.

In the end though, I think GTAV offers a more complete package, even if I think I actually like Sleeping Dogs more. Feels weird.

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Haven't played GTA 5 yet, but I recently bought Sleeping Dogs from Steam with all its DLC for roughly $12 and have been having a lot of fun with it. One think I like about it is that its in a foreign city, so it doesn't feel so familiar as past GTA's have... I'll eventually get to GTA5 but for now I'm playing Sleeping Dogs.

I played it on PS3 earlier this year without the DLC and just got the game with all the DLC on steam as well. I think some of the DLC does the game a disservice. It basically gets you half way through all the upgrade paths. Now I'm about 25% of the way though the game with nothing left to unlock. I have no reason to get a good Cop score or a good Triad score or to do anything to gain Face and that kind of ruins it.

I still think it's a better game than GTA V though.

#96 Posted by Jimbo (10062 posts) -

Haven't played GTA 5, but Sleepy Dogs is about as humdrum as gaming gets.

#97 Edited by Quid_Pro_Bono (366 posts) -

I couldn't put Sleeping Dogs down, and I still have yet to finish GTA V. I think that says most of my opinion of the two.

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