Everybody Loves a Comeback...

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Is it just my fondness of underdogs? Everybody's love for a good comeback?

I hold no nostalgia for True Crime. It was fun enough way back when, but nothing to write home about. I didn't pick up the sequel and I didn't give a shit about the 3rd game being developed, which got cancelled by Activision sometime in 2011. What they've shown up to that point did do nothing for me. Well - the project is back on and on track to release later this year - as Sleeping Dogs, published by Square-Enix. I guess many of you have seen the recent live action trailer, which is sweet, but like always seemed like wasted money to me. I still was not excited, until...

...I saw the gameplay footage included in IG Extended's Preview/Interview on youtube. I looks really snappy and snazzy, kinda similar to how Warhammer : Space Marine meshes 3rd person shooting with 3rd person action successfully. I found me liking the bad-assery of a fully fleshed out melee combat system mixed with 3rd person shooting - A LOT. Sleeping Dogs essentially attempts to do just that, in a Hong Kong action flick flavor. I absolutely am for more of that. The whole driving race bikes and shooting dudes in the face looks amazing too.

To my great surprise, Sleeping Dogs has made it on my radar - and I'm looking forward to its release. What about you guys? You aware of Sleeping Dogs and eager to see how it plays out too? Eventually even picking it up and playing it for yourselves?

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Up until this video I had no idea what the game/gameplay will be like in general. I was always somewhat interested in it simply because of my fondness of HK films, specifically John Woo/Johnny To triad flicks, but aside from that I didn't know what to expect except GTA in HK.

I usually don't think much of video game trailers that don't show gameplay but the live action trailer was really well made and actually did a good job in giving you an idea of what the setting is, although that's about it. Still I didn't know what to really expect gameplay wise. After watching that IG Extended Coverage I have to say I was impressed.

  • I like how they talk about making combat seamless and kind of eliminating "modes." Mentioning Arkham City helps too.
  • I like how they kept mentioning/referencing HK flicks and flicks in general, like Infernal Affairs/The Departed, Election, and Eastern Promises.
  • Virtual Hong Kong looks awesome! Some parts of it reminded me of Shenmue (at the 3:50 mark) and how immediately I got sucked into that world.

I used to think this game would just be mediocre at best, but now it seems that it could only be mediocre at worst. If anything, it definitely has a unique setting w/ the HK theme and they seem to really capitalize on that. I also find it convenient that this game is no longer tied to the True Crime series. It really gets to be it's own game now. And now United Front Games gets a fresh chance to really present this game by itself and you no longer get that "Oh no, not another True Crime game, I never really cared for that." It's a blessing in disguise.

So yea, I'm definitely looking forward to it and adding it to my collection. Thanks for sharing the video. I would've missed it otherwise.

On a side note:

I've been really impressed with what Square Enix has done as a publisher buying Eidos and pretty much continuing on supporting and really polishing Eidos' IP such as Deus Ex and the upcoming Hitman and Tomb Raider games and so far those games have been really promising and/or solid. So yea while the state of Final Fantasy franchise has been argued on whether or not it's going stale, Square Enix has done a good job reviving/recreating franchises on the other side of things.

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As someone who was born in Hong Kong, I really hope they capture the feel of the city and keep it as authentic as possible. Of course, they would also need to balance that with some good gameplay or it just won't be fun to play. I've been waiting for a game set in Hong Kong so I hope this doesn't disappoint. Also, if I see one simplified Chinese character on the neon signs I'm gonna flip my shit.

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I realize the gameplay video was from WIP builds, but I can't help but notice the jank that I see... still, I'm somewhat interested in this game. I likes me some cinematic action.

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This looks stellar. Glad I decided to check this game's forum.

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I was really hyped up for this game back when it was True Crime 3. I was all, yeaaaaaaah Hong Kong undercover cop!! That's THE best movie genre, period. And then it got canceled and I was bummed beyond belief. I could not believe the news that Square Enix picked it up. I am so hyped for this game. Sleeping Dogs? More like Raging Hypeboner.

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Let sleeping dogs lie

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@JCTango said:

I realize the gameplay video was from WIP builds, but I can't help but notice the jank that I see... still, I'm somewhat interested in this game. I likes me some cinematic action.

It's ALPHA stuff, man. I doubt they are working out any frame rate issues and such just quite yet. They haven't even hit the debugging phase.

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@RoyCampbell said:

This looks stellar. Glad I decided to check this game's forum.

Seriously. I can not wait for this game.

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