Getting level 10 triad?

#1 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (542 posts) -

So I beat the game and my Triad meter is still on about 9 and a half!

Looking around online this seems to be the norm as people finish the game and are left with replaying to get more red boost for the meter, although replaying missions seems to give you almost nothing towards your meter. I have 3 red triangles on all missions apart from a couple that are halves, but it doesnt look like enough to fill the meter.

Is this what situation the rest of you guys who have beat the game are in, and how did you fix it?

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You can replay missions from the Social Hub menu. Look for ones where you missed a big chunk of Triad experience and replay those, aiming to blow up as much stuff, and mess up as many dudes as possible.

#3 Posted by AjayRaz (12477 posts) -

i finished the game with my Triad level at 7 or so.. so it sounds like you had it going a lot better than i did.

@Ravenlight said:

You can replay missions from the Social Hub menu. Look for ones where you missed a big chunk of Triad experience and replay those, aiming to blow up as much stuff, and mess up as many dudes as possible.

ooh.. maybe i should go back and hit level 10, in that case. always need an excuse to play through one of the missions again.

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Yeah, you have to just replay the missions where you don't have full triad XP. Replaying ones that you already have full triangles on won't help. When I was grinding Triad XP after I finished the story I found that the break leg, then kick in the head while they were stunned combo helped to generate enough XP. I basically just did that on all enemies I could. If you can chain into a counter and another attack that can help boost it too. And in areas where you need to shoot, try to always get headshots. In sections where you have to shoot cars that are chasing you I would try and shoot out tires on multiple cars as fast as possible. Pretty sure I remember getting bonus XP for chaining things together. You just want to make sure you get those 3 triangles full.

Oh, also make sure to wear the clothes that give 15% Triad XP bonus to help some.

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Yeah, I landed at about level 7 by the end of the game. It's so easy to get Cop exp that I felt like the game was missing some Triad side mission to get exp for that side.

But yeah, as it's been said before. Replay missions.

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I heard something about beating up monks getting you a lot of triad points, but never bothered. Couldn't get higher than 7 or so by finishing the game and didn't bother with more.

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I had to replay a couple of missions after finishing the game to get from level 9 to level 10 for the Triads. Get clothes that boost Triad experience and replay missions. Mind you, you have to score higher in those missions than before to get experience. At least, I think that's how it works: you get the difference in experience between your previous and current score. If you have 3 triangles in all of them, I guess you'll have to grind whatever crumbles you can get. I found that the first few missions are the best ones to replay. At that I wasn't near as proficient with the game as I was by the end of it, so pulling out chains and combos was much easier than when I started.

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You need to replay missions but you only really gain any progress if you score MORE than your previous score. Also, buy the +15% triad XP clothes just to be sure.

#9 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

I ended at like 9.7 and even with the 10% cloths, I barely got any progress when I replayed a mission when I had just one triangle filled.  I beat it with big points too.  BS and f this, I got better things to do. 
And how many fing lock boxes are there?   Lordy.

#10 Posted by iGooner7 (136 posts) -

Wear the 15% Triad Exp. then replay some missions

im level 10 in Cop, Triad, And Face Meter.

#11 Posted by ninnanuam (282 posts) -

I finished on 9 as well. If you have the free DLC at the temple go there and max out your score, then die.

The mission is perpetual, so just repeat until Triad bar is full. I dd this at the end of the game three times and got the reach level 10 achievement.

Just remember to die after filling your triad triangles, it takes around about 20 to 25 guys. The monks keep coming once you max out but you dont get any extra triad points.

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