HD texture pack not recognised?

#1 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1180 posts) -

Ok so i already owned it for 360 but like everyone else how could i say no to $16 on steam? Anyway i installed the game and HD texture pack but when i run the game and go into display settings it wont let me select the HD pack, keeps telling me i need to download it but i already have an it shows in the steam DLC window. Figured with the sale i cant be the only one so any fixes?

#2 Posted by rockman10 (54 posts) -

@Twisted_Scot: same problem.. can't figure it out.

#3 Posted by Stonyman65 (2808 posts) -

I downloaded it from steam through the game's menu. I just pressed shift and it popped up along with other DLC, then I just had to download it and wait for it to install. It took a while, so maybe it is still downloading for you.

#4 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1180 posts) -

Yeah it was downloaded and fully installed, it shows up as owned and installed but not recognised when i try to turn it on. So weird, cant find anything on steam forums or goggled info. Nt sure if i can even really un-install it.

#5 Posted by fox01313 (5088 posts) -

Was looking into this too on steam during the download of the HD pack, according to the steam page for it, if you aren't running it above the recommended/high settings then it should show up as something to turn on in the options.

#6 Posted by jonnybob (166 posts) -

I had this problem and assumed it was because I wasn't running on the higher settings. I'm running a quadro FX1800 video card

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