how to take dudes out boring and efficiently in sleeping dogs

#1 Posted by A_Pretty_Panda (29 posts) -

leg break>stealth kill (grapple button twice behind opponent)

flippy doo>>stealth kill (grapple button twice behind opponent)

obviously the leg break only works on dudes you can grapple so no fat guys or people with weapons.

great for thinning out the herd or if you for some reason hate the combat (you're a bad person)

#2 Posted by konig_kei (748 posts) -

BLAT! BLAT! BLAT! dudes beats that in efficiency and boring....ency...

#3 Posted by grimmspectre18 (76 posts) -

I just ran people down with my car for 90% of the drug busts.

#4 Posted by PrimalHorse (85 posts) -

Take your time, bring ten cars, put each man in their own respective car boot/trunk and then ask them riddles from The Water Margin.

#5 Posted by believer258 (12713 posts) -

There are ways you can game the combat system in Sleeping Dogs but there is no fun in that.

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