Just finished the campaign -- What DLC should I get?

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I just finished the main storyline and I'm gonna be dicking around with the side-missions for a little while. I'll get the two free packs, and it looks like the Dragon Master pack has a bunch of content including new side-missions so I'll buy that.

Then I'll play at least one of the storyline DLCs... Which do you think I should start with?

  • Year of the Snake
  • Zodiac Tournament
  • Nightmare in North Point

Then there seem to be four other packs that add side-missions I think? Are these worth it?

  • Wheels of Fury
  • Red Envelope
  • Street Racer
  • SWAT

The rest of the DLC seems to just be new costumes, weapons, buffs, etc, I'll probably skip those.

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#2 Posted by noblenerf (510 posts) -

The only DLCs that I truly loved and would recommend owning are Zodiac Tournament and the Monkey King (outfit) pack. Even then, I would only purchase them during a sale.

Nightmare in Northpoint is ok, but I didn't enjoy it. Year of the Snake was bad, but if you're dying for more Sleeping Dogs it will fill that need (more than Triad Wars will...) Also, none of the storyline DLCs are very long.

I wouldn't recommend Wheels of Fury or any of the others, though. They're simply not worth it, unless you enjoy seeing a bronzed Wei Shen or a SWAT Wei Shen or something like that. (Monkey King Wei Shen is irresistable!)

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