"Not Ping" voicemail?

#1 Posted by RHYMESCHEME23 (64 posts) -

After completing the "Intensive Care" mission, the game tells you to head to your apartment and take a nap. When you wake up, your phone says that you have a voicemail from "Not Ping" but the voicemail doesn't even start as you're interrupted by a text message from Ricky telling you to meet him at Sonny Wu.

I replayed the "Intensive Care" mission but the same thing happens. Glitch....? I'm really curious, now.

#2 Posted by Binman88 (3693 posts) -

Can you just phone her? Is this before the "date" mission with her?

#3 Posted by iAmJohn (6141 posts) -

She straight up called me in my game.

#4 Posted by yyZiggurat (1032 posts) -

I think she calls you after you date all of the available girls.

#5 Posted by Sterling (2790 posts) -

I had the same thing happen. I think it was a left over they forgot to take out when removing most of the dating sim from the game.

#6 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4882 posts) -

This happened to me too. Pretty lame.

#7 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

So nobody's ever heard this voicemail? WHAT IF SHE TELLS YOU HER REAL NAME IN IT!?

#8 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (3942 posts) -

Yeah she calls you after one of the missions sounding very clingy. Btw that Russian girls date, craziest one of them all.

#9 Posted by artofwar420 (6316 posts) -

She calls and leaves a message saying she's angry about you going out with other girls, then says to call her again. Not that there's an option to calll her again, but simply to let you know she still likes you.

Yeah, I got the bug too. But I reloaded and earlier save and the trick is to quickly as soon as you get the ring to press A or X or whatever it is when using M&K.

#10 Posted by rolanthas (256 posts) -

Yeah got that, and very bummed about not being able to call back. I kinda thought Not Ping as the canon girlfriend option for some reason.

#11 Posted by Veektarius (5064 posts) -

I'm not a player or anything, but I feel like a ground rule of relationships is you can't be jealous about the dating habits of someone who you haven't told your name.

#12 Posted by RenMcKormack (1074 posts) -

The Ladies Love Wei Shen. GOTY by the way.

#13 Posted by Gerhabio (1977 posts) -

Got the message, but I can't call her back. Does anyone know (without spoilers) if you still get to see her later in the game?

#14 Posted by Humanity (10419 posts) -

@Gerhabio: You don't, it's just there as some throwaway dialog. Almost all dates are there in place of tutorials or progressing the story further. Ping was just there to tell you about cameras, but honestly I feel like most people probably already hacked their fair share of cameras before they even went on that date.

#15 Posted by Gerhabio (1977 posts) -

@Humanity: So there's no actual dating a la GTAIV? Fuck.

#16 Posted by Humanity (10419 posts) -

@Gerhabio: You only go out with each girl on about 2 dates max before they disappear forever. You can't call them or anything.

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