PC version crashes constantly

#1 Posted by JSwan13 (300 posts) -

I downloaded this game this morning and it's pretty awesome, except that it crashes every 5-10 minutes.

If I am playing in full screen mode the game will randomly freeze and I have to ctrl+alt+del out. Same thing happens in windowed mode but this time an error message comes up and says "hkship.exe has stopped working".I have tried tweaking every graphical setting, deleted hkship.exe and verified the game cache on steam, updated the driver for my video card, and disabled my anti-virus software but none of that helped.

I am running the game on a Sager NP9170 laptop with a AMD Raedon 7970M graphics card with the high res texture pack installed.

You guys know any fixes? Thanks for your help.

#2 Posted by galfisk (136 posts) -

I have the same problem. Randomly enough, I tried setting it's affinity to 2 cores, instead of all four, in the task manager after launching the game. And that worked, played for hours without problems. BUT, today, it crashed anyway. So God knows what'll actually work.

#3 Posted by bunnymud (716 posts) -

I have only crashed once and my rig is a few years old. Happened after the latest patch installed. But it only crashed that one time

I am so hung over

#4 Posted by Korwin (3093 posts) -

I played the game all weekend and it was solid as a rock, trying verifying the install in steam and see if anything is busted. Is your machine all patched up and running a recent set of drivers?

#5 Posted by Sackmanjones (4766 posts) -

My game takes 8 minutes to start. Other than that it's been fine for me

#6 Posted by JCHenderson (129 posts) -

I have had trouble with crashing on settings above medium. Runs perfect on medium though.

#7 Posted by JSwan13 (300 posts) -

I just re-installed it and mad sure all drivers were up to date, still having the same problem.

#8 Posted by altairre (1295 posts) -

The best thing is that the game crashes on startup if you don't have Windows on your C: drive. What the fuck.

#9 Edited by Mnemoidian (998 posts) -

Not really helpful, but I thought I'd chime in with saying I haven't had any of these issues - I had some performance issues, with a bit of randomly low framerate. I had a few random crashed (3, maybe?) over some odd 30 or so hours, but nothing serious.

They seem to have doing a lot of updating of the game, it's crawled it's way from 1.0 to 1.4 (yesterday), so hopefully they are working on fixing things like the issues you are having.

Have you tried to post your problems on the developer's forum? You'd hopefully have more luck getting help there.


#10 Posted by Tag (65 posts) -

Ive been playing fine, im a good 8-10 hours in and havent crashed once

#11 Edited by warxsnake (2650 posts) -

My game randomly crashes. Hard reset required, ctrlaltdel doesnt work, nothing works.Everything is frozen, still hear game audio and thats about it.  
No overheating on either my cpu or gpu. 

#12 Posted by Karkarov (3366 posts) -

Played it for almost 30 hours myself only crashed 2 maybe 3 times. All after the patch a few days ago. Nothing really terrible about it, the game auto saves like a mother. I can't even beat down 3 random punks for the hell of it without getting a save.

#13 Posted by dcgc (879 posts) -

Does anyone have "hiccups" (a frame or a few that get skipped) playing this game or open-world 3D games on PC? Is it because of high temperatures? I already defragmented my HDD, and everything remains the same, so it's not that.

#14 Posted by JSwan13 (300 posts) -

Ok, so I just updated the AMD Catalyst Control Center and now it crashes right right when I leave my apartment. Also, I checked out the dev forums thanks to Mnemoidian's suggestion, and it seems like a lot of people have this problem and have not been able to find a fix. So I guess I won't be playing this game until whatever needs to get fixed does.

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