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People need help with achievements. Firstly about safes . I stayed on the map 1 safe. He's in the house Fat . How to get there ? So trying to pass - the gate is closed , and around like no other opportunity to enter . And what is the mission I was nepomnyu , prompt entry into the house or what mission to beat to get there. The second is also about safes . I left on the map where the list of safes, altars , etc. - Written that I did not open the safe 3 . 1 Safe in the center, one in North Point and the house where Fat . In Aberdeen I found all safes . But when I click on the map on the map to show me the location of safes . I've got one that appears only in the house Fat . The rest of the type shown in white are visible . What kind of a bug ? Third, how to kill a ranged weapon ? How to disarm enemies? And how to do murder in the smoke ?

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I hope to god English is your 5th or 6th language, otherwise....fuck.

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If you look at the rest of their posts this one is an anomaly, very strange.

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Paying even more attention, you'd probably notice that this has been posted over nine months ago. No worries though, I often come up with a really witty reply to someone's post, only to notice it has been posted around 4-5 years ago...

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