Sleeping Dogs for $13.60

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I still haven't played this game, but I thought others might want to know that you can get a Steam copy of Sleeping Dogs for $13.60 on Green Man Gaming if you use the additional 20% off coupon. That seems like a crazy good deal for that game, but I've still got to pass it up for now because I just bought that $10 Amazon deal that nets you Red Faction: Guerrilla, Red Faction: Armageddon, Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, Homefront, Metro 2033, and STALKER: SoC. Man, insane PC deals keep me constantly broke.

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Yeah, saw it earlier, and I might have to pick it up. My laptop ran the demo fine, and whilst I didn't like the camera control with the mouse, getting this for 10 bucks (had some credit to use as well) is just too good to resist for me, I was looking for a good single player game, getting tired of playing only multiplayer games.

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@JacDG: I probably would have bought it as well if I hadn't gotten that Amazon pack with the Red Faction games, which I've been meaning to play for like 3 years. I'll get around to Sleeping Dogs eventually.

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Sleeping Dogs for the 360 is the one thing I'm on the lookout for this Friday. I don't think anyone has announced a deal for it yet, though.

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I literally just spent my last $10 on Dead Island which, while quite good, does not match up to the level of hype I still have for this game.

Goddamn me and my inability to hold on to money.

EDIT: Wait, how long do GMG sales usually last? Will I still be able to pick this up on Thursday?

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Wow, I jumped on the $18 deal that Amazon had for it a while back and that game is now one of my top favorites for this year. For $13? You would be fucking stupid to not jump on this steal.

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@SirOptimusPrime: I think I saw on the site that it ends some time on Wednesday.

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and....Bought, Great Deal, thanks for the tip.

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@Jrinswand: Fuck I just read that too. Well, hopefully it's cheap for the Steam sales this holiday.

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If any GB duders who havent picked this up and can't get this amazon deal the americans seem to get (thanksgiving meals AND great black friday sales you lucky people) I highly suggest you pick this game up.

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I got this, man just what i need, more backlog. At this price tho its a no-brainer.

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Which means it didn't sell very well which sucks.

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Great! Thanks for the tip.

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Oh man, GMG is outsteaming Steam this week. Annnnnnnnnnd bought :D

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@Colourful_Hippie said:

Wow, I jumped on the $18 deal that Amazon had for it a while back and that game is now one of my top favorites for this year. For $13? You would be fucking stupid to not jump on this steal.

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Buy this, dummies.

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It's the best non Rockstar open world third person action game this generation. I felt like it was a massive deal at $25. But this price is just silly. Fucking buy it.

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Trying to get it. The site seems busted right now. 
Edit: Got it!

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