Sleeping Dogs: Martial Arts Pack - My Playthrough (PC)

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This is my playthrough of the Martial Arts Pack downloadable content for Sleeping Dogs on the PC. I bought the DLC for $0.74 during a 75% off sale that Steam was having.

The footage was recorded in 1080p at 60 FPS and downscaled to 720p using Open Broadcaster Software. I have the High Resolution Texture Pack installed and am playing on this PC.

The Martial Arts Pack comes with a Wing Chun dummy in your apartment that you can interact with (Jackie Chan fans should recognize it); the Shaolin Warrior outfit, which gives you increased melee damage; and the Shaolin Showdown mission that lets you fight monks whenever you please. I wouldn't recommend the DLC unless it becomes super cheap again and you want a quick way to fight a bunch of tougher-than-average dudes for an indefinite period of time. I stopped after killing 70 of them.

Please excuse my poor combat performance; it had been a while since I last played the game!

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