Sleeping Dogs Moviue Outfits

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Having finished and thoroughly enjoying sleeping dogs for its mix of open world action and Hong Kong setting I got looking at the costumes I'd unlocked. I recognised a few of the more obvious ones, Jackie Chan's outfit in Rumble in the Bronx, Bruce Lee's yellow jumpsuit in Game of Death. But I didn't know much of the others, so after a bit of research and a lot of sourcing clips from films I created this.

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As you can see there's quite a few in game outfits that are based on Hong Kong action films.

I did write a longer post showing all the outfits but I'm having trouble posting it for some reason also I've messed up the title, it really isn't my day today :( 

Some of the outfits!

Hog Pen Row
Kung Fu Hustle

Wei's Hog Pen Row outfit is based on a costume worn in Kung Fu Hustle (2004). The main character (Sing) wears it when he uncoveres his natural-born kung fu genius. This films is absolutely crazy, but well worth a watch just for its crazyness.

Manhattan Melee
Rumble in the Bronx

This is one I recognised straight away being a big Jackie Chan fan, Rumble in the Bronx (1995) is a classic and easily one of Jackie Chan's best films.

Bon Gak
Ong Bak 3

I couldn't actually find any footage of the Bon Gak outfit in Gon Bak 2 or 3 clips that I could get my hands on, but it does feature in the poster for 3. But if anyone can find me some clips that'd be great! 

Shen Zen
Fist of Fury

 Although I'm not much into Bruce Lee films it's hard to deny his impact on martial arts and martial art films. Shen Zen is a play on Chen Zehn, Bruce Lee's character in Fist of Fury (1971).



Game of Death

This is another one I recognised immediately, though I'd be surprised if everyone didn't. It has to be one of cinema's most iconic costumes, specially in a martial arts film. Game of Death (1978) is worth a watch for the costume alone!

              I can't get this one to play nice with the page so I'll just sloppily put it here. Anyways this is the Part Time Assassin outfit, which is in Full Time Killer (2001). I really like how this film is shot and has some nice editing to boot.

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Wei's bloodied up Wedding Suit reminded me of John Woo's The Killer (1989),

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Nice post, thanks

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I wish they would have added Jet Li's version of Wong Fei-Hung (Once Upon A Time In China) with the long braid.

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Watch Ong Bak one and two fucking great films third sucks,

Also watch The Raid!.

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I'm sort of dissappointed they didn't put in Chow Yun Fat's coat from A Better Tomorrow. That thing is / was iconic.

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also the outfit "Mr. Black" is obviously from Reservoir Dogs

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@Swaboo: Ah nice find! I spent ages trying to source some clips for that costume but never managed to find any.

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Been using Mr black as soon as I got it, not quite the same look with the tie and glasses, but everytime I go to a fight club in it, it reminds me of this scene

and frankly it's my favourite fight scene of the last 20 years.

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