Sleeping Dogs won't start up.

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Like might others I recently bought Sleeping Dogs on PC when it was being sold for 91% off. I've been trying to get this game to work non-stop since I bought it with no such luck. I've tried every suggestion I could find all over the internet, but nothing has worked. I quite honestly don't even know where to begin with what I tried because I've just been going through lists.

When I launch the game a message pops up saying "Failed to start game (app is already running)". I have a feeling it's because of D3D11Insall telling me "Please Install latest service Pack. For instructions on how to install the latest service pack, see Microsoft knowledge article KB935791". My system is fully updated and my graphics card (AMD) has the 12.11 version because somebody suggested testing out the beta as it worked for him.

I would ask steam, but the last time I asked for help (War Z) they took 4 weeks to get back to me, so you folks are my last hope!

Thanks for reading.

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you might have to ask steam. the WarZ thing was a shit storm so they might have had a ton of support tickets.

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@living4theday258: I've send one now. Hopefully they will get around to this one a little quicker than last time :)

@Funkydupe: I've tried that, but sadly didn't work. I appreciate the advice though!

@doobie: That's Blizzard Support for you.

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Mine did the same thing and I just verified the game cache and all was well straight away.

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What was Vinnys solution? Watch Thundercats, load up Law of the West and some other stuff...

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